7 Reasons Why Your Campaign May Not Be Getting Traffic

There are various common reasons why a campaign may stop getting traffic, but it doesn’t mean that you should throw in the towel!

Here we have listed some reasons why your campaign might not be receiving traffic, along with some top tips from the experts on what you can do to get the traffic flowing again!


You might not be receiving traffic for any of the following reasons:

    1. You ran out of funds: Campaigns stop receiving traffic when the account balance has been depleted. Log into your account and check the available balance. If you have ran out of funds, we’ve made it as fast and easy to fund your account. You can even pay by Credit Card now!
    3. You are being outbid on well-converting spots: You may have been outbid by another campaign as it’s a spot which converts well. Contact your account manager or the Support team now to get insights into the bidding system and find out how much you will need to bid to receive traffic for this campaign.
    4. There is no available traffic for the selected targeting: Please check how many impressions are available for the selected targeting with your account manager or contact the Support team.
    5. Your banners have become old: If your creatives aren’t refreshed regularly, it can lead to ad blindness and a lower CTR. Upload new creatives regularly and pause those which aren’t performing.
    6. You didn’t test new offers: If you rely on only one offer for revenue, then you risk being outbid and losing the profitable source of income. Make sure you keep testing new offers to find one that works with your creatives.
    7. You didn’t experiment with new ad spots: Remember that different verticals might convert on completely different placements – you should always keep testing.


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A helping hand

Do you have any campaigns which you would like some expert help with? Contact your Account Manager or our Support team for advice and tips on how to get the most out of all your campaigns!

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