Peter Rabenseifner Discusses Online Advertising Trends with Traffic Cardinal

In preparation for the Moscow Affiliate Conference, we were invited by Traffic Cardinal to talk about the impact of The Coalition for Better Ads on the online ecosystem, as well as our take on what are the online advertising trends which will dominate the next two years.

Our Managing Director Peter Rabenseifner was up for the task, and shared his expertise and insights in a comprehensive interview, published this week on Traffic Cardinal’s website.

With the recent changes to advertising standards enforced by Google, of course intrusive ads and ad blockers we’re a huge topic.

On the theme of Ad Blocking, Peter commented that “Ad blockers are becoming an increasing issue for all of us in the industry, with technology becoming more advanced, and user numbers downloading such technology increasing daily.

Which hurts the ecosystem for everyone”, he highlighted.

Peter also discussed all the ways in which TrafficStars is working to help advertisers and publishers push through these “trying times”: in one front, we’re making it as easy as possible for publishers to remove misleading ads from their websites, and on the other front, we’re educating advertisers on how to interpret the new ad standards.

Looking to the future, Peter also talked about trending ad formats, verticals and GEOs to watch in 2018. “Cam offers are on the rise in general and work perfectly for video ads, which can instantly grab the user’s attention.

The dating and nutra verticals both show signs of remaining strong, as demand is consistent and new ad formats like native ads convert these offers very well.”

You can read the full interview in English here.

Or, read the Russian version here.

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