All About Video Pre-Roll

Peter Rabenseifner - Managing Director
Since launching Video Pre-Roll at the beginning of February, both publishers and advertisers have fallen in love with the new ad format that everyone is talking about in 2018.

We spoke with Managing Director Peter Rabenseifner to find out all about Video Pre-Roll, why it’s so exciting and why publishers and advertisers can’t get enough.


How does it work?

Peter: TrafficStars’ Video Pre-Roll is a video ad of up to 20 seconds, which plays before the video content is shown and allows the user to skip the ad after 6 seconds. A countdown to the skip button is displayed from the start of the Pre-Roll video ad and a link to the landing page is displayed in the top right corner and remains during the actual video, even after the ad has finished.

The format fits perfectly in line with Google’s ad format on YouTube and therefore is considered to be non-intrusive and user-friendly. All Video Pre-Roll ads are further protected by Google’s new ad standards because the link is clearly labeled, so the user is only taken away from the page if they click on the link to the landing page.


Why is Video Pre-Roll so popular right now?

Peter: Video Pre-Roll is a new format, which was tested and then officially launched on xHamster at the beginning of February. Verticals such as dating, games and livecams are performing particularly well on this format so far, with visually-engaging video advertisements leading to healthy conversion rates.

Because it’s brand new, users’ interest and attention is skyrocketing. It’s the most visually-engaging ad format as the content is in the form of a video rather than an animated banner.

Users also accept this ad format because they are already familiar with the equivalent formats on YouTube and Facebook – and users also accept that it’s common to see an ad when watching a free video.

Most importantly, a lot of information can be provided in order to get more qualified users to the landing page. As long as the creative is done right, Video Pre-Roll ads can really engage users more than any with other ad format.


What are the benefits for advertisers?

Peter: There are big opportunities for product owners and affiliates to utilise video ads with our Video Pre-Roll ad format for cam products, gaming and dating, which although requires extra resources to produce, is paying off extremely well for existing advertisers as engagement rates are unparalleled. Gambling advertisers are also recognising the importance of Video Pre-Roll as there are big opportunities to convert engaged users with this ad format.


What are the benefits for publishers?

Peter: Video Pre-Roll is a great way for publishers to drive up their advertising revenues with quality ads. We were already leading the way with native ads in the industry and we are now helping publishers to be able to take advantage of more up-to-date advertising formats.

We’re working continuously to provide better alternatives to our publishers, finding a balance between providing the best experience to their users and securing a stable advertising revenue. We’re also remain focused on our advertisers, presenting highly effective ad formats which engage users in innovative ways.

Our team worked hard to develop this technology and make Video Pre-Roll ads available for desktop and mobile websites. I’m very proud that we’ve reacted to recent changes in the industry to quickly launch this format for our partners, which is yet another way we’re helping advertisers and publishers with sustainable advertising alternatives


What should advertisers bear in mind setting up Pre-Roll campaigns?

Peter: Advertisers should be aware of the following specifications and guidelines to get the best results for Video Pre-Roll campaigns:

Technical recommendations:

  • File Format: mp4, avi,
  • Resolution: 1920×1080,
  • Bit Rate: 8 MBit/s,
  • Weight: up to 40 MB,
  • Length: maximum length of 20 seconds and users are able to skip after 6 seconds. We recommend 10 to 15 seconds as the ideal duration.

Creative Guidelines:

  • High quality videos with aesthetic imagery and soundtrack. High quality is key and TrafficStars will only allow top quality videos for Video Pre-Roll ads,
  • No static images,
  • Landing page must match the promoted product,
  • Only for fair service products,
  • Copyright must be respected.


  • Availability only on request,
  • Minimum CPM is set at $0.30 CPM worldwide.


What are the potential challenges that publishers and advertisers could face in setting up Pre-Roll?

Peter: For product owners, it’s necessary to invest in producing high-quality videos. Affiliates should be able to request videos for offers they like to promote from product owners directly or from the performance networks they work with.

For publishers, as long as VAST 3.0 Protocol is supported, we can simply produce a link for them to implement on their side to allow us to send a request for traffic for the demand that we have. After the initial development work, we do the rest and match your traffic with the demand from our advertisers!


How will Video Pre-Roll develop in the future?

Peter: Video Pre-Roll is definitely the ad format to watch for 2019. As the industry recognises the power of video advertising as a way to engage users and deliver conversions, more and more will be turning to video Pre-Roll formats to promote their offers. Although video advertising is something which requires time and production,  all big companies are producing video ads so high-quality video content is becoming more and more available to those looking for new sources of converting traffic.


For more details about Video Pre-Roll Ads with TrafficStars, publishers and advertisers can contact their assigned account managers or email advertising@trafficstars.com.


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