Benefits of RON Campaigns

TrafficStars is growing fast and new publishers are being added to our inventory everyday. It might be hard to keep track of all the new sources of traffic we are adding, but there is a solution: use a RON campaign! We’ve put together a few tips on how to make the most out of your RON campaign and take your media buying to another level.

Benefits of RON Campaigns

We have some publishers which aren’t available to target on PRIME. These publishers are only available within your RON campaign.

Stay up to date
Be the first to test new ad spots when they are added automatically to your RON campaign and take advantage of the low CPMs before the competition increases!

RON campaigns allow you to easily test all available ad spots to find out which are generating the most conversions.

Adapt quickly to fluctuations in bids and volumes as a result of competitor activity. Having stats available in your RON campaign allows you to quickly identify other sources of conversions to target.

With our Compliance Flagging System, you will be the first to know which ad spots accept your creatives in your RON campaign.

We’re constantly testing the quality of new publishers and ad spots on the RON-only network before they are available on PRIME. Your RON campaign will allow you to identify what is working for you, so you can be among the first of your competition to target these new ad spots.


Send us your feedback!

Offering the best quality traffic is of utmost importance to us here at TrafficStars – and we rely on advertisers like you to give us feedback on the quality of the ad spots and publishers in our ever-growing inventory.

Share this information with your Account Manager or our Support Team so we can use this to keep standards as high as possible!


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