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TrafficStars March 8, 2021

Today we want to remind you of one of our targeting options - KEYWORD targeting!

We have done the new update on our keyword targeting for all formats, now it’s more precise and has a wider coverage of tags on the sites. On native campaigns, for example, using a broad range of keywords or pairs of keywords we spot an increase in conversions by 25%.

Run your keyword targeting campaign today!

Keyword Advertisements are displayed on websites that match a specific list of keywords in title, description or content. It’s one of the best ways to find the audience who is looking or interested in something particular.

Get the right user by matching the targeted keywords with your angle of creatives, by using specific keywords representing the user's preferences in content, or target specific names if you are running VOD offers, for example!

If you want to use a keyword targeting option, simply in your “Targeting” tab, when creating a campaign, paste all keywords, you want to target! Go ahead and launch new campaigns with keywords targeting!

TrafficStars March 8, 2021

TrafficStars March 8, 2021