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TrafficStars team FAQ

How to set up Video Ad on TrafficStars ?

Technical recommendations:

  • File format: mp4, avi, mov 

  • Resolution: 1920x1080

  • Bit Rate: 8 MBit/s

  • Weight: up to 20 MB

  • Video length: from 5 to 30 seconds

Creative Guidelines:

  • High-quality videos with aesthetic imagery and sound

  • No static images

  • Landing Page must match the promoted product

  • Copyright must be respected

 ⭐️These fields will help you to increase CTR and lead generation. Fields that can be displayed on Advertiser's ad in case the Publisher chooses to display in their websites. 

💡In order for Companion Ad parameters to work you should also add the Icon!

Icon - Up to 200x200. Max 20 MB - The following file types can be uploaded: JPG, JPEG, PNG

Headline - Adds title content to your ad. Maximum of 36 characters.

Brand name - Adds brand name content to your ad. Maximum of 30 characters.

CTA Brand name - add a short and clear call-to-action. Maximum of 30 characters. Examples:

Click for More, Click Here, Play Game, Play Game Now, Play Now, See More, See Now, Try for Free, View Here, View More, Watch Free.

Slider creative

Keep in mind that these features are displayed depending on the format:

  • Pre-Roll - only on Xhamster

  • IM slider - work for everyone who uses the slider with our script.

  • Outstream - all those publishers who use the outstream with our script.

Additional fields when creating a video campaign

Automatic translation of the Headline.

Automatic translation does not work with macros. 

Priority – the higher priority the more traffic will get the specific creative. Frequency capping – allows you to choose how many times you want to show your ad to a unique visitor during a 24h period. Remember that a low capping may lead to fewer impressions on your campaign.

Default Image Caption
  • Frequency capping – You can choose a maximum number of times you want your ad displayed to a single person within 24 hours.

  • Auto-Translation – we support translation of Headlines from English into 20 languages. It does not work with macros.

Technical details

Image size – up to 1500x1500px, ideally following a 4:3 ratio

  • Image weight – up to 4MB

  • Image format: JPG, PNG

  • Headline – 80 symbols maximum

  • Brand name – 30 symbols maximum

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