How To Get Started at TrafficStars

Slavina Proeva - Onboarding SpecialistAt TrafficStars, we’re committed to providing all advertisers and publishers with the best support. Because of this, we’ve developed an onboarding program to help you get started at TrafficStars and be up to speed with our platform in the blink of an eye.

Today, we invited our Onboarding Specialist Slavina Proeva to talk about everything advertisers need to know about getting started – and see their profits grow in no time!


Can you explain what TrafficStars is in a few words, for those who’ve never heard about us?

Slavina: TrafficStars is an exclusive self-serve Ad Network and Ad Exchange, delivering more than 1.5 billion daily ad impressions in premium websites. Because TrafficStars was built by top experts in the industry, we are now well known to be one of the most powerful and effective solutions for both publishers and advertisers who are looking for a safe way to make money online.


Can anyone work with TrafficStars? Is it free?

Slavina: Yes! We welcome everyone to register on our platform – the registration is completely free and only takes a few seconds. You will be able to get started at TrafficStars as soon as the verification of your account is complete.


Want to learn how to register a TrafficStars account? Check out our video tutorial!


What advice do you have for getting started?

Slavina: Firstly, when you are registering your account, make sure to provide accurate information about your company (for Company accounts) or yourself (for Individual advertisers). Also please make sure you provide any information and documents required by our compliance team.

As soon as your account is approved, I advise every new advertiser first to have a chat with their Account Manager and use the expertise and knowledge of our experts to get off to the best start. We are always happy to help our advertisers get the most out of our Ad Network and we can give you some tips and tricks regarding each specific offer.


Are there any things advertisers should consider when setting up their first campaigns?

Slavina: There are several tactics advertisers should consider when creating a campaign. Here are a few tools every advertiser should take advantage of from the very beginning for great results:

Implement S2S tracking – Tracking campaigns properly is essential for advertisers looking to make informed decisions in their media buying. In addition to that, the best way for us to be able to help our advertisers with the optimisation of their campaigns, is if we’re able to monitor leads and the eCPA of each campaign in real time, directly into TrafficStars’ system. So, the best thing an advertiser can do is implementing S2S tracking from the start!


Read our guide to S2S campaign tracking here!


Use a Funnel Strategy – Start with a RON campaign. In order to evaluate the performance of each spot and specific targeting parameters; the bigger the audience included, the better. This data will be extremely important for further optimisation. Then, I advise advertisers to set an average bid for RON campaigns, taking in consideration the current top CPM and minimum bid for the selected targeting. These values can be found under the Pricing tab when setting up a campaign.
Then, identify which ad spots and specific targeting settings are generating conversions in your RON campaign, and create separate campaigns to target these spots, using a competitive bid to guarantee that you will get the first ad impressions and higher volumes.


Read our step-by-step guide to a successful funnel strategy here!


Split testing (also called A/B testing) – Split tests are also a very important tool for campaign optimization. In simple words, split testing consists of testing two variants of a creative, landing page, in the case of native ads, headline or brand name.
Advertisers should always split test these elements. To help this process, our platform offers an unique tool which allows advertisers to use up to 3 landing pages for each banner and up to 10 banners per campaign. This gives you a great opportunity to choose the best performing combination.

Keep an eye on your daily budget – Advertisers should make sure their daily budget is sufficient to get traffic during the whole day – as even the same traffic doesn’t lead to the same amount of conversions during different hours of the day. Keep in mind that the best converting hours might be between 6pm and 12am, so a low daily budget could prevent advertisers from getting “prime-time” traffic and potential leads.

Choose the right bid – It is very important to choose the right bid as it will determine the position of a campaign in the auction of campaigns targeting the same audience. With a low bid, advertisers might not get enough traffic to be able to evaluate the performance of the campaign effectively. On the other hand, bid too high and you might not be able to achieve a healthy ROI.

Frequency capping – depending on the number of banners and ad spots selected per specific publisher, frequency capping is an important tool to be considered. It limits the display of an ad per unique user per day. Advertisers should also remember that a low cap can lead to low volumes if combined with limited targeting settings.


Is there any help available to help advertisers get started?

Slavina: We recently developed a new onboarding project, providing premium support to new accounts so they can get the best start possible. We have a team of onboarding specialists who are in contact with newly registered accounts during their first month, helping them with the ins and outs of our platform, campaign setup and optimization. So if any advertisers are unsure about how to get started – you shouldn’t be! Our onboarding team will gladly help you get started.


Are there any important things advertisers should keep in mind?

Slavina: It is important to keep testing new ad spots, that’s why I recommend setting up at least one RON campaign. This way, advertisers won’t miss any of the new ad spots we are adding every day.
Changing your banners frequently is also important, to avoid banner blindness. Most of our publishers have many page views daily. If advertisers keep using the same banners for a long period, users can grow used to them and it can result in banner blindness, which in turn might cause a decrease in the Click Through Rates (CTR) and Conversion Rates (CVR) of your campaigns.

Also there are few things that can limit a campaign’s ability to get traffic. Don’t forget to check your campaigns for flags, double-check that your targeting settings are correct (for example: a campaign targeting desktop devices and only mobile spots most likely won’t be able to get a lot of traffic), check if your bid is competitive enough and if your daily budget is sufficient for your campaign to run during the whole day.


Need more details? Check the 3 reasons why your campaign is not getting traffic here.


What are the next steps for advertisers?

Slavina: The next step is, of course, growing your business with us!
As a start, I invite advertisers to register on our platform. Shortly after this you will be contacted by our compliance team for the account validation and once your account is approved, a dedicated Onboarding Account Manager will reach out to you and will provide you with premium, personalized support already during your first month at TrafficStars.


Sounds interesting? Register your TrafficStars account today!


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