How To Write Native Headlines in 2019 That Actually Convert

Since we became the biggest Native Ad Network in the industry, we’ve been increasing the number of native ad spots without stopping! Native Ads are tipped to be the biggest thing for the industry in 2019, and we have to agree.

To help you get the most cash in your pocket with Native Ads, here are some ideas to help you write Native Ad headlines that will really get the conversions in for 2019! Read on, stop making mistakes, try out our suggestions, and drop us a line on social media or by email to let us know how they worked! We might even give you a shoutout!


Keep it short

Users have a very short attention span and do not focus on something for a long time, so get to the point quickly by keeping headlines clear and concise. The number of characters shown depends on the style of each website but, as a general rule, keep your headlines between 35 – 45 characters. Making shorter headlines might take more time to create, but they will result in better click through rates for you so it’s worth your time.


Call to action

Your call to action is arguably the most important part of any ad. Tell the user what to do (or what not to do even!), whether it be to sign up to your offer before the deal ends, or to tell them to stop wasting their time with your competitors. Tell them exactly how to convert, and you’ll increase the chances of them actually converting.


Can you believe it?

Ask questions and use curiosity-stimulating words such as “secret”, “unbelievable” or “surprise”. Please consider any questions you ask carefully so you don’t disengage any customer’s whose answer might be a ‘no’.


Be powerful

Use words that create some sort of emotion in the reader. Words that trigger feelings of fear, urgency, pleasure, pain, lust, anger or curiosity will help stir something within the reader and increase your chances of engagement. Test using words such as “Devastating”, ”Mind-blowing”, ”Captivating”, ”Repugnant”, ”Luxurious”, ”Trustworthy” and ”Banned” in your headline copy and note their effects.


Personalise your message

Where possible, call out your target audience or product on the headline to engage the right users.


Easy as 1,2,3

It’s an old trick but one that is very effective. Numbers are eye-catching and using them in headlines gives the user the impression that the information is correct and concise; creating trust with the user. Use numbers, make numbered lists and use digits instead of spelling numerals to get users clicking.


How? Why? When?

There’s a good old way of getting readers to want to know more about something by using “how”, “why” or “when”. It automatically piques curiosity and causes a desire to know the answer.


It’s all about the negative

Negative words such as “Never” or “Worst” perform better than positive ones. Don’t be afraid to be negative in your ads and see how some negativity affects your CTRs.


Don’t Forget To Capitalise

You Must Capitalise The First Letter Of Every Word. This is important so your native ad doesn’t get rejected during its compliance review. It does also help to attract attention to your headline, which doesn’t hurt your CTR!



Don’t forget to share some feedback with us and let us know which of these tips got the most conversions for you, and we’ll give you a shoutout on social media!


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