5 Steps To Implement Video Pre-Roll Ads

Anna Blaivas - Head of Publishing Video Pre-Roll is the ad format everyone is talking about in 2018 – and a great addition to any publisher’s website, to drive advertising revenues and engage users with better quality ads! To make the most out of this format, our Head of Publishing Anna Blaivas told us firsthand 5 steps to implement video pre-roll ads and drive the most revenue out of this ad format.

Here they are:


“Since launching the Video Pre-Roll format this February to help publishers secure steady advertisement revenues and comply with the new Google advertising regulations, this format has only received positive feedback from both our publishers and advertisers. Looking at the amazing results we have obtained so far, we’re thrilled to help onboard even more webmasters to use this format, and take advantage of the lessons we have learned during the past three months.

When you implement Video Pre-Roll ads for the first time, there are a few settings you should split test and details you should consider to make sure you are driving the most revenue possible.


1) A/B test between making the whole Pre-Roll video clickable, or not. For some advertisers clickable pre-rolls perform better; for others, pre-rolls where only the link is clickable (and not the video) have better results. Test!


2) Allow the advertisement link to stay on the upper right corner of the screen throughout the whole duration of the actual video, as opposed to being clickable only for the duration of the Pre-Roll. This will allow users extra time to engage with the offer, and therefore can drive better conversion rates for advertisers.


3) Decide on which video a unique user will first get a Pre-Roll – we advise you to show Pre-Rolls on the first or second video of the session. Avoid only showing Pre-Rolls after the 4th video as this will reduce performance for advertisers, as well as the volume of available impressions.


4) In order to increase volumes without interfering with user experience, you can set up your pre-roll to be shown to a unique user until they have completed one of 3 actions:

  • Watched a complete Pre-Roll ad;
  • Skipped the Pre-Roll ad;
  • Clicked on the advertisement link.

This setup allows publishers to get more impressions while maintaining a positive user experience.


5) Make sure you are in close contact with our Publishing team! We are ready to help publishers optimize their Pre-Rolls for best results, making them more attractive for advertisers while keeping your user base happy.”


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