Interstitial Ads on Mobile: The Banner Alternative You Need!

That’s right: we have a brand new banner alternative available through our platform, for all publishers and advertisers: Mobile Interstitial Ads!

We’ve decided to introduce this ad spot to provide publishers and advertisers even more ways to comply with Google’s Better Ads Standards and keep earnings rolling in.


But what is a interstitial ad?

The Mobile Interstitial spot is a full page banner placement which is shown between two pages of content in a website. If you remember Mobile Interstitial ads, they are actually quite similar.

Nevertheless, because it is shown as a full page instead of being a floating placement, it helps users recognize the ad. In turn, this leads to less error clicks and higher quality leads.

The first website to jump on this opportunity with us is xHamster, of course.
Their mobile interstitial spot is a 300×250 banner ad which is shown after a user watches a video on the mobile version of xHamster and then clicks to navigate to another page.


How do I get started?

You can create your first interstitial campaign here.

Contact publishing@trafficstars.com to add interstitial ads to your website now!


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