Sant Jordi in Barcelona: a Catalan Culture Day

Posted on April 24, 2018 by

Every year on April 23rd, Barcelona dresses up for a very special day in Catalan culture: Sant Jordi.

It’s a tradition that on this day, men give women a rose, and women give men a book to show their affection to their beloved ones. This sweet tradition is based on a legend, which was explained to us by our Catalan culture expert, book lover and Sant Jordi enthusiast, Gemma.

“The legend says that once upon a time, a fierce and terrifying dragon arrived to the lovely city of Montblanc (Catalonia) and started eating all the livestock. When the villagers ran out of cows, sheep and goats they decided to sacrifice one person every day to keep the dragon fed. That sacrifice was done by lottery until one day, the name that was chosen was that of the princess. Even if he was deeply saddened, the king agreed to sacrifice his daughter since it was chosen fairly via the lottery. On her way to be sacrificed to the dragon, the princess saw a knight riding a white horse: Sant Jordi. The brave knight killed the monster with a spear. From the blood of the dragon, a beautiful red rose grew which Sant Jordi then gifted the princess with. After that, the princess and the knight lived happily ever after and each year on the 23rd April, a new red rose grow on the same spot where the dragon died.”

To celebrate this date, we decided to have a book exchange in our Barcelona office!

The team was able to give a new home to their old books, and get new ones to be inspired with until the next Sant Jordi.

We also have a small library available in the office now, for the team to pick whenever they’re in need of a good read.

Sant Jordi Book Exchange at TrafficStars


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