A Step By Step Guide To a Successful Funnel Strategy

Updated Feb 21st 2018

Today we’d like to give you an overview of a great campaign optimization technique your competitors are surely using: the funnel strategy.

A funnel strategy is a powerful tool to help you identify which ad spots to focus your efforts on and maximize your conversions whenever you start promoting a new offer, or start testing a different GEO. Here’s a step by step guide to help you get started.


A Step By Step Guide To a Successful Funnel Strategy

1) Create Your Campaign
To start, create a RON campaign targeting only one GEO and one ad format. Creating a campaign targeting more than one GEO at a time is not recommended because the optimization varies greatly from one country to another.

Do you have any doubts regarding campaign set up? Check out our tutorial!

2) Set Up Tracking
Make sure you have tracking set up so you can easily extract data from the RON campaign. We recommend using Server to Server (S2S) tracking so you can easily see all your leads in your campaign stats, and identify where these leads are coming from.

Also, by setting up S2S tracking, you are now able to track ROI and Earnings in real time within the TrafficStars platform!

3) Bid Wisely
In the Pricing tab within your campaign, you will see an estimated Top CPM bid for the selected campaign parameters (GEO, ad format, targeted audience). The minimum bid you can set for your campaign will depend on the targeted GEO and format as well – you can check all the Minimum Bids here. We recommend using a bid which is somewhere in the middle between the top and minimum bids for your RON campaign – this is a way to avoid overspending, and keeping your bid competitive in regards to premium websites.

4) Not Getting Traffic? Check Your Campaign For Flags
If you are not receiving any impressions from any ad spots in your RON campaign, make sure to check your ads for compliance flags, which may be preventing you from getting traffic due to compliance limitations.

With the recent changes to advertising standards enforced by Google and the Coalition for Better Ads, it’s possible that your creatives are not considered compliant anymore. Check our Knowledgebase article about how to stay compliant with the new regulations and update your creatives.


5) Make Sure You’re Bidding Enough
If your creatives aren’t flagged and you’re still not getting traffic, make sure you’re not bidding too low. You should also take into account that a mid range bid might not be enough to get traffic from the most competitive websites in certain GEOs, so don’t forget to ask your Account Manager for insights!

6) Start Blacklisting
Monitor your campaign’s performance closely and blacklist any publishers which aren’t converting at all but are spending money. You can do so by excluding the URL in the Domain list in the Audience tab. This helps you remove placements that might eat your testing budget, while keeping the RON campaign running.

7) Create Separate Campaigns
Once you identify an ad spot which is converting well in your RON campaign, create a separate campaign to target that publisher and use a more competitive bid. Only then you can begin to optimise by Browser, OS, Ad spot, Creative, etc.

Make sure you keep the your RON campaign running – just because you’re not currently getting much traffic from a certain spot, it doesn’t mean that won’t change in the future. Also, keeping an active RON campaign ensures you will be among the first to test new ad spots added to the targeted format.


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