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Did you know you can target 137 different Mobile Footer ad spots, as well as 20 Native Mobile Footer ad spots through our platform – available on RON and Prime? Today we’d like to show you some expert tips on how to monetize Mobile Footer ad spots with TrafficStars!

First of all, let’s take a look at the numbers:

Currently, there are 93 Mobile Footer ad spots available for Prime audience targeting and 44 are only available on RON (Run Of Network) targeting.

These ad spots together represent over 180 million daily ad impressions worldwide – available on 4 out of the 10 most popular adult websites in the world.


Best Practices

In the smartphone era, screen space is much more limited than before, making every single pixel important. But the swipe-to-scroll function made navigating this space much easier: all it takes is a swipe of the finger or two to reach the footer of a website, which is why the Mobile Footer is a great ad spot for you to try!

  • Mobile footers are placed right next to the page navigation, increasing banner visibility significantly;
  • Over 30% higher average CTR on Mobile Footers than on Desktop Footers!
  • You can use Mobile Footers to test new offers, creatives and landing pages, as they are less competitive than other mobile spots;
  • Make sure your banners are lightweight. Loading speeds are crucial, especially when targeting carrier traffic;
  • Mobile Footers are less disruptive for user experience because of their position. Take advantage of this using engaging banners;
  • Optimize banners to reach higher CTRs: animate different elements, use different types of animation, test different button formats and CTAs (Calls To Action) too!


Which Verticals Convert?

It’s a known fact that the most common type of vertical promoted on adult traffic is Dating, and on Mobile Footers it’s not different. But that’s not the only type of offer you can monetize. Other verticals that convert very well on these placements are:

  • Video On Demand;
  • Gaming;
  • Enhancement offers.


Compliance Regulations

Attention! Make sure you are aware of the most common flags that could prevent your ads from getting traffic on Mobile Footers. Make sure you’re getting all the traffic you can and not missing out on any of our 137 sources of Mobile Footer traffic!

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