The 5 Native Ad Mistakes To Avoid

Native Ads have been tipped as the ad spot to watch for 2019. The popularity of this ad format shows no sign of stopping and more and more publishers are adding Native Ads to their site every week!

To make sure you get the best possible revenues from your Native Ad campaign, we’ve shared some common Native Ad mistakes and how to avoid them.

1) Your headline is too long

Remembering that, depending on the source, users may only see up to 35 characters. Any headlines over that length may not be read fully by any users from that specific source. Keep headlines to between 25 and 35 characters for best results. Also, make sure the first letter of each word is capitalised to avoid having your campaign rejected.

2) You didn’t use a clear CTA

Make sure your native ad headline features a strong CTA. Compelling users to act now. A strong call to action can really help with click through and conversion rates. Questions and words such as “secret”, “unbelievable” and “surprise” convert best, as well as odd numbers for example “The 5 Native Ad Mistakes To Avoid”.

3) You didn’t choose the best creative

For the thumbnail, upload a high-resolution image with a 4:3 ratio and a maximum of width and height of 1500px. Avoid using text on the image, which could become difficult to read if distorted or cropped. A close up picture of a face and upper body work best, especially of a girl looking at the viewer. Pay attention to any categories you may have targeted to ensure that the creative matches the specific category.

4) You didn’t A/B test

Don’t forget to A/B test! There are several different elements you can play with, including the angle and type of content on the Landing Page, positioning on the publisher’s site, headlines, brand name and images.

5) You didn’t optimise your landing page

Make sure that you take your leads to an attractive, user-friendly landing page! Make them mobile-friendly, and improve loading times – you can resize images, reduce JS, CSS and HTML. Text, pictures or videos make the LP more engaging. Take users to an article or tutorial before leading them to the offer to increase your conversions.

For more hints and tips, as well as a step-by-step walkthrough on how to set up a converting Native Ad campaign, download your Native Ads Guide now.

Prefer a video walkthrough?
Check out our Video Tutorial: How To Create a Native Ad Campaign!

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