The Biggest Native Ad Network in the Industry!

Did you know that TrafficStars is the biggest native ad network in the industry?

That’s quite impressive, considering we only released our native ad format this January – and our goal is to keep growing our inventory!

In case you don’t know why Native Ads are so special yet, here’s a little summary:


What are Native Ads?

Native Ads are defined as ads delivered in a way that is consistent with the form, style and voice of the platform they appear on. Therefore, they are less disruptive to users while delivering a higher performance for advertisers.

The adoption of Native Ads is a crucial step in line with the industry-wide shift towards providing users a better user experience, with less misleading advertising and the Better Ads Experience Program.

Composed of an image, short description and brand name, Native ads are intended to blend seamlessly into the publisher website’s content.


What about TrafficStars’ Native Ads?

TrafficStars’ Native Ads widget gives publishers the possibility to control the Native Ads appearance completely by using CSS. Therefore, publishers have complete control over them, ensuring that the ads fit within the website style and providing a less-intrusive advertising format whilst not misleading users. This also provides a better user experience & higher conversion rates for the advertisers!

Our Native ad format is also fully-responsive and it’s available through cost per click (CPC) and cost per thousand viewable impressions (CPMv) pricing models.

At TrafficStars, we consider Native Ads to be the best alternative to banner ads. Safe, less intrusive, with amazing Click Through and Conversion Rates!


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