Tips for NTV (Next To Video) Banners

Did you know you can target over 50 different NTV (Next To Video) ad spots through our platform – between RON and Prime spots?

Currently, these spots represent over 160 million daily ad impressions worldwide – 37 of them are available for Prime audience targeting and the remaining 21 ad spots are only available through RON (Run Of Network) targeting.

This week we’d like to bring you some information on NTV ad spots – commonly the most premium ad spot on any tubesite. Read on for tips on placements, websites and compliance regulations.



  • NTV stands for Next To Video. On some websites there will be more than one ad placed next to the video, which will be referred to as NTV A, NTV B, and so on;
  • Did you know that NTVs have great click through rates when it comes to desktop banner spots?
  • They are available in 315×300 and 300×250 formats;
  • Even though there are many more ad formats available, NTVs have the most traffic and will provide you good volumes in any GEO.



  • These are the most common flags which will prevent you from getting traffic from NTV spots:
  • Animated banners: some publishers will only allow static or rotating banners on this spot;
  • Fake exit or closing buttons, fake download buttons, fake video players;
  • Fake virus alerts and scarevertising techniques in general;
  • Site mimicking: consists of an ad that imitates the design of the website where it will be placed, tricking the user into clicking on it;
  • Promotion of tech support offers and free tube sites;


If you have any doubts, check with your Account Manager or our Support team!


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