TrafficStars Retargeting: the Most Powerful Tool in the Industry

TrafficStars has announced the launch of their brand new Retargeting Tool to all advertisers. The TrafficStars Retargeting tool, which was in beta testing since January 2018, is being hailed as the most powerful retargeting tool in the industry.

Retargeting is a form of online advertising where consumers are targeted based on their previous online actions. It works by placing an unobtrusive piece of code (a “pixel”) on the advertiser’s website. This pixel will ensure that retargeting ads are only served to users who have previously visited the website. Considering that estimates report that only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit, retargeting is an essential discipline to make sure advertisers get the most out every dollar invested.

With that in mind, TrafficStars has developed a Retargeting tool that offers countless combinations and capabilities, which makes it unique in this industry.

In addition to the regular “positive” or “negative” retargeting – where you can target or exclude users who have been exposed to the retargeting pixel – TrafficStars also provides a “dynamic retargeting” option. This setup offers unlimited possibilities of creating personalized parameters, such as targeting users from certain age ranges, users that have purchased a product of a certain value, or any other specific event occurring on the website.

“Retargeting is an immensely powerful tool and that’s why we developed the best and most flexible retargeting available in our industry today. Users can set up their own parameters to retarget any number of events on their websites, so there are endless possible ways to use them.” said TrafficStars Managing Director Peter Rabenseifner.

“There is no limit to what you can potentially retarget with your dynamic parameters and the right conditions selected. So we invite advertisers to let their imaginations go wild and reach exactly the users they want to!”

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