Video Pre-Roll Guide for Advertisers

Since we launched our Video Pre-Roll ad format earlier this year, we’ve been steadily expanding our inventory every week with more and more high-quality Video Pre-Roll traffic sources!

We even hit the headlines for providing our own technology to the industry, the xPreroll, to allow publishers to implement Video Pre-Roll ads into their website easily and seamlessly (with some extra tips from our Sales Director Anna!).

If you still haven’t started with Video Pre-Roll yet, or you want to scale up your Video Pre-Roll campaigns, you’re in the right place!

Video Pre-Roll ads are video ads of up to 40 seconds which play before the content and allows the user to skip the ad after 10 seconds. A countdown for the skip button is displayed from the start of the pre-roll video ad and a link to the landing page is displayed in the top right corner and remains during the following video content, even after the ad has finished.

To help you launch your first campaign, we’ve put together a Video Pre-Roll Guide for Advertisers.

In this guide you’ll find: an overview of Video Pre-Roll ads and their benefits, a step-by-step guide to creating your first Video Pre-Roll campaign and best practices.


Download the TrafficStars Video Pre-Roll Guide for Advertisers here!

Ready to get started with Video Pre-Roll?

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