xPlayer Is Now Available for All Publishers with TrafficStars

Posted on July 12, 2018 by

TrafficStars is proud to announce its latest technological development: the xPlayer! A joint development between xHamster & TrafficStars, the brand new technology provides an overlay for a publisher’s video player to be able to implement video pre rolls seamlessly and effortlessly.

This is the simplest and most effective way for publishers to implement video pre-rolls,” explained Sales Director Anna Blaivas. “This also means that advertisers will be able to grab further high quality video traffic from the TrafficStars inventory, as this player enables video pre-rolls to be shown in the most effective way – maximising CTR’s and conversion rates.

The technology was developed by xHamster and TrafficStars to help publishers integrate Video Pre-Roll into their sites, for those who don’t have the resources or technology to do so. It’s a very clean and simple solution that provides additional revenue streams to all publishers and is applicable to a range of different players (KVS, JW, Delight, VideoJS, JS).

The xPlayer is now available to all TrafficStars publishers. Please contact publishing@trafficstars.com for more information and the xPlayer integration guide. Advertisers can contact their Account Manager or email support@trafficstars.com to set up a Video Pre-Roll campaign today.

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