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TrafficStars team FAQ

Multiformat feature on TrafficStars

Most of our publishers already activated TrafficStars' Multiformat feature: a mix of Banner and Native formats in one spot, which ensures better earnings results from each banner placement you have on the website.

Internal auction will define, what is better to show for the current user and serve the most high-paying ad.

Multiformat is available for banner sizes:

  • 300x250

  • 315x300

  • 300x100

  • 728x90

  • 900x250

  • 250х150

When Multiformat is active, you will see this tag in your statistics, same way advertisers see it and would know that they can also buy a native format from this placement.

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Available for all direct integrations and RTB since January 2020.

How can I activate it?

Ask your account manager to activate it through the chatbox on the platform,

or ping us at

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