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What is the CPC Test Period?

Any CPC-based ad campaign goes through a test period. It's needed to evaluate CTR (Click Through Rate).

During the test period your ad campaign will get traffic according to average CPM (eCPM) based on the targeting (ad spot + GEO).

Test period ends when the test budget is over. Minimum test budget is $10.

What is the CPC Test Period? photo 1 

Once the test period is finished, our system will recalculate eCPM using the following formula:

eCPM = (CPC * number of clicks) * 1000 / number of impressions

💡 Ads with a higher CTR will get more traffic (at the same cost per click).    

🔰 Why is my CPC campaign not getting traffic?  

What happens if I make changes to the active CPC campaign?

Test period will be re-activated after the following changes are made in the campaign:

  • Adding a new GEO

  • Adding a new language

  • After the activation of the campaign, if it was paused for more than 24 hours

💡 CPC campaign that passed Test period will not receive traffic from new ad spots.

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