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Full Page Interstitial for Publishers

Full-Page Interstitial from TrafficStars

A well-tested full-page ad format meeting all Better Ads requirements.

What is it?

Full Page interstitial is a full-screen ad showing an interactive landing page or an image ad triggered upon a user’s click.

How it works?

This ad format loads between two pages of the site content and is immediately dismissible by a user, which provides better user experience on the site and is not covering the actual content the user is viewing.

Can I change settings?

As a publisher, you can customize a wide range of parameters, to ensure the best user experience and, for example, create the correct flow between Popunders and Interstitial.

  • Set number of clicks user has to make before the ad will be triggered

  • Set the showtime - how long the ad will be shown to the user before it closes automatically. We recommend keeping the showtime for at least 60 seconds on Desktop or Mobile for the best advertiser's performance.

  • Include or Exclude some elements of the page to set special triggers on link elements.


Your average CTR on the interstitial spot will be combined from 2 creative types, which our advertisers are running.

  • Interstitial Image Ad campaigns have clicks on the creatives

  • Interactive Landing Page campaigns do not have clicks on the creatives

As a result, you might see a combined CTR, as the traffic is spread between 2 types of campaigns. As a publisher, you shouldn't worry about that, as your traffic is monetized on CPM basis per impression and your avg. CTR doesn't affect each specific campaign or creative performance.

Got more questions? Feel free to ask your account manager in the Intercom Chatbox on the platform or ping us at

If you are an advertiser, interested in running an Interstitial campaign, follow these links and find our detailed guides on running your ads.

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