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TrafficStars team FAQ

Video Banner Ads

Video banner is a short commercial in a banner format. Do not confuse with Video ad format. Unlike In-stream Video ads that play in the player before the main content, banner ads are less intrusive. The user has the freedom to choose whether to watch the advertisement or scroll down.

Compared to a static image, a video banner attracts the attention of users better, so the engagement and CTR of such ads is higher. Also, the video allows you to show more information about the advertised product and increases brand awareness.


  • File format: mp4, avi, mov

  • Resolution: depending on the size of the banner.

  • Weight: up to 20 MB

  • Length: up to 15 sec

The banner sizes we have are:

  • 300×250

  • 300×100

  • 900×250

  • 315×300

  • 728×90

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