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Check out minimum
for various CPM
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Here are the minimum bids. An effective CPM/CPC depends on the competition and your targeting options. Start creating an ad campaign to check the recommended bid.

Tier1 Tier2 Tier3
Popunder $0.5 $0.16 $0.1
Video $0.3 $0.1 $0.08
Native $0.01 $0.003 $0.001
Banner $0.01 $0.004 $0.002
Interstitial $0.04 $0.2 $0.1
Push $0.01 $0.003 $0.001
Why TrafficStars? TrafficStars is a powerful, self-serve Ad Network and Ad Exchange.
Cursor icon User-friendly interface Our intuitive platform will make media buying easy for you, whether you’re a beginner or an expert
Statistics icon Real-time statistics Detailed, real-time statistics provide you with insights to optimize campaigns
Magnifying glass icon Extensive targeting Target users by Country, Site, Language, Category, OS, Device, Browser, Carrier and IP Range
Magnifying glass icon Extensive targeting Target users by Country, Site, Language, Category, OS, Device, Browser, Carrier and IP Range
Target icon Track conversions and ROI Reach your sales objectives by using our platform’s complete tracking capabilities
Secondary target icon Most efficient retargeting Don’t lose opportunities and retarget leads with our powerful platform
Dollar icon CPM, CPC, CPMV and DCPM Select the most appropriate pricing model for your campaigns
Traffic icon Exclusive traffic sources Traffic sources that will convert are only one click away
Support icon Expert support You will have a personal account manager to help you take advantage of all the features of our platform
Bid icon Real-time bidding system Get access to billions of daily impressions by choosing your bid according to each placement and targeting
payouts Automatic Payouts Select the payment method that suits you – we will process it automatically
stat Real-time statistics Detailed, real-time statistics provide you with insights to optimize campaigns
ads Compliant Ads Have control over running Google compliant ads via compliant ad formats
ads Compliant Ads Have control over running Google compliant ads via compliant ad formats
secur Security Our compliance team ensures your site safety 24/7
support Expert support You will have a personal account manager to help you take advantage of all the features of our platform
world 100% Fill Rate All your traffic will be monetized, worldwide
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Dating ❤️
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eCommerce 🛒
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Ad Formats
Promote your offers through our high-performing ad formats.
Video ads are the most effective format for increasing brand awareness.
💡 Start with a Pre-Roll format to maximize results
Widespread availability and compatibility with various websites.
💡 Use video banner ads to increase CTR
Non-obtrusive and cost-effective ad format
💡 Craft captivating headlines to grab attention.
Capture attention at key moments and drive immediate actions.
💡 Full-screen interstitials ensure 100% visibility
It’s the easiest format to launch ads, since you don’t have ad creatives.
💡 Target mobile devices to get the best results
Ads are delivered on a user's device even when they're not browsing the internet.
💡 Use personalization tactics to improve ad performance

Best Self Serve Advertising Platform

More and more advertisers are trying to reach their target audience using modern means. TrafficStars will help you find the best solutions for advertising management.     It would be best to use your time wisely so that advertisers can get more effective views. Self serve advertising platform TrafficStars applies voluminous data sets, smart algorithms and the most relevant digital solutions that allow ad creators to increase their own profits and assist advertisers in attracting a buying audience. Thanks to the unique experience and professionalism of the TrafficStars team, all involved participants can achieve a much higher return on their advertising project.  

Our site offers unique solutions that combine the most effective and progressive advertising strategies.    

What Makes TrafficStars Unique?

The platform provides all the means business participants require to create and realize advertising products. We actively use RTB technology in our work, which is a method of buying or realizing the opportunity to show promotional products to consumers using an auction. First of all, its speed stands out among the advantages of this method. Each transaction is made almost instantly. You can use specially designed tools like DSP to purchase advertising. Creators of advertising materials can declare themselves using special exchanges, for which SSP technology is actively used. The company is ready to provide its clients with a convenient, dynamic cost corresponding to the average market price, considering the auction commission.

The Rise of TrafficStars in the Digital Advertising Space

One of the main advantages of the TrafficStars platform for publishers and advertisers is the constant development of digital advertising resources.    

TrafficStars allows advertisers to:

  1. Use the resources of the most profitable marketplaces by leveraging products from various online sources. 
  2. Reduce costs while achieving greater success with automated targeting and optimal pricing.
  3. Forget about non-automatic customization; accomplish the most effective demonstrations using active targeting. 

For publishers, self-serve advertising platform offers these benefits:

  1. Increase the usefulness of your services through fair competition of bidders and expansion of the target audience. 
  2. Adapt promotional material according to the preferences of potential buyers, offering a quick solution to their problems. 
  3. More productively generate monetary profits by working with clients offering sufficiently high targeting. 

Thanks to modern solutions, trading advertising traffic is becoming faster and more convenient.  

Benefits of Choosing TrafficStars for Your Advertising Needs

TrafficStars' robust, versatile platform applies the best software and accurate, up-to-date data to solve RTB challenges. By providing practical solutions and methodologies available to bidders, it is easier for ad buyers to secure their financial well-being and significantly increase their customer base.      

Our company provides the best methods for presenting advertising content:

  • banners;
  • illustrations;
  • videos;
  • push notifications;
  • popunders;
  • pop-ups, etc.

Thanks to TrafficStars, advertisers can dispose of the most recent, verified data about the products of different online services. Using our popular platform, you can quickly and effectively set up targeting, establish optimal cost indicators, reduce costs, and quickly increase your profitability.

The company owns effective tools, using which clients will have more opportunities to apply the most profitable advertising displays through high-quality, effective optimization programs.   

User-Friendly Dashboard: Navigating with Ease

The TrafficStars platform provides a simple, intuitive interface to facilitate users' necessary actions. The control panel includes a set of essential functions to make it convenient for users to perform necessary actions. The menu options are arranged on the screen so that trading operations participants can quickly navigate in a dynamic environment and make timely decisions. 

Easy site navigation includes a complete set of features of the practical RTB module of advertising trade. Bidding self serve programmatic advertising platform TrafficStars is characterized by a set of uncomplicated but effective options. The process starts when calling the publisher section, after launching the software or after using other resources. 

Programmatic Advertising with TrafficStars

The company has created all conditions to support high-quality and effective programmatic advertising. A user who wants to place advertising material does not need to negotiate directly with the site owner. With TrafficStars, you will have no problems with displaying your ads or participating in auctions. Programmatic advertising with us is:

  • productive start of advertising activities without intermediary services;
  • effective access to various markets;
  • high rate of implementation of key operations;
  • cost savings on the implementation of the advertising strategy;
  • clear terms of transactions;
  • constant possibility of optimization.

Our clients can review important materials in one section, rationally optimizing the main functions and targeting parameters.     

The Basics of Programmatic Advertising 

Programmatic advertising systems do not function only in RTB mode, i.e., according to the bids carried out. Advertising can be purchased by: 

  1. At an auction where all consumers are available, the creator's approval is not necessary, and there are no restrictions on the amount of material. Advertisers interact according to the rules of SRM. At the same time, RTB allows you to make a deal on the starting or subsequent cost. 
  2. Personal Marketplace. The advertising customer can manage the number of participants who purchase his resources. In this case, only selected customers who have found common ground with the publisher will participate in the auction. In this case, the size of the displayed content is not determined. 
  3. Personalized contracts. The amount of advertising material for viewing is also not stipulated. In this case, the SRM is under the publisher's control.
  4. Programmatic-direct. It provides the conclusion of a deal with only one client. The participant is offered strictly limited content at a predetermined price. Publishers who violate the rules of the service are automatically removed from the SSP.    

Today, the production and sale of programmatic advertising is characterized by steady growth. This method allows for the quick expansion of the target audience, regardless of geography. 

How TrafficStars Optimizes Programmatic Ad Buying

Programmatic ad buying is a resource-intensive endeavor. Moreover, it is not a simple task, and this method of improving traffic is impossible without fresh ideas and creative solutions.       

Targeting based on programmatic methods allows business participants to find their niche quickly. Unlike ordinary methods, the material resources invested in such a strategy will contribute to a rapid increase in the price per thousand demonstrations.      

For your purchases to generate revenue, you should only mail to potentially active buyers, not those who have no interest in the advertised material.

In addition, viewing advertisements on computers and gadgets brings much more effect than the usual marketing activity. Best self-serve advertising platform makes available to advertisers the entire contingent of users interested in the promoted products. This feature allows you to target content to specific age, gender and other consumer segments. This important advantage is used today by more and more marketing specialists who want to increase the profitability of advertising displays. 

Real-Time Bidding (RTB) on TrafficStars

The TrafficStars platform offers an advanced, highly organized RTB system, which allows one to carry out transactions on buying or selling relevant, in-demand advertising materials as quickly and conveniently as possible. You can learn more about the terms and principles of RTB work by following the link:  

The company offers its clients the best methods of trading advertising products online. An honest auction successfully manages all processes. At the same time, only the participants who won the bidding can show the material.    

TrafficStars has significantly optimized the RTB procedure. It offers all the necessary automation tools for bidding. It ensures the fastest possible determination of the winning participants.    

How to Get Started with TrafficStars

New TrafficStars users can easily apply the efficient, functional RTB resources. To get started, you will need to register an account on the platform. To do this, you will need to create a password and enter your email address as a login. In addition, you can create an account in the system based on your existing profile in social networks.    

Before you start working with the best self serve advertising platform, you should familiarize yourself with the rules for users and privacy policy. All this information is available to view in the relevant sections of the site. 

Setting Up Your First Campaign

Today, you have a great chance to create your first campaign on the TrafficStars platform with just a few clicks. Publishers will get powerful tools to increase their profits and productively engage with users on their own platforms.

By choosing TrafficStars, you will get such significant competitive advantages:

  • Autonomous independent work. Our platform allows advertising specialists with any experience to self-realize. 
  • Effective distribution of advertising. We offer the best traffic sources and the most advanced marketplaces.
  • The latest relevant information. The most useful and constructive analytics are at your service.      

Trade valuable traffic, achieving maximum results without any territorial restrictions. Our clients can perform any operation on the site as quickly as possible. Its clear interface will suit both new business participants and experienced campaign managers. 

Tips for Campaign Optimization

Your personal optimization path must fully meet your objectives and key performance parameters to make an advertising campaign on our platform successful. This way, you can maximize your return on investment and minimize the cost to consumers of your advertising material.      

We offer the following ways to improve your advertising strategy using TrafficStars resources:

  • increasing awareness and engagement;
  • ensuring high brand conversion rates with target audiences;
  • live, direct bid management.    

Selecting the most effective methods for a campaign can be challenging for the campaign owner. However, with the current information offered by TrafficStars, you can modify existing tactics in the best way to achieve all of the key issues associated with your advertising strategy. 

Understanding TrafficStars’ Billing and Budgeting Features

TrafficStars maintains a flexible billing and payment policy for its services. Users have an opportunity to use the most popular payment methods for settlements. Thanks to new technologies and services, the transfer of funds does not take a long time and does not cause inconvenience to the participants. 

The company has a favorable referral program for its clients. The commission rate is charged to all referral sellers according to the service rules. Commissions are paid according to the service rules and the company's acquired experience. Calculations are made in US dollars. We can also make payments in Euros if the client wishes.

TrafficStars: Your Partner in Digital Advertising Success

Modern self-serve advertising platform example TrafficStars gives advertising distributors working ways and means to cooperate with consumers. With their help, they can quickly increase interest in the promoted product and achieve the desired result in their marketing. With impactful campaigns and an out-of-the-box approach, platform users can quickly achieve effective sales and digital placement, showing excellent results in marketing interaction.

Create a personal profile on the TrafficStars website and place your best advertising products. Today, the company enjoys exceptional credibility and global recognition due to its vast targeting prospects, incremental adoption opportunities, and virtually unlimited access to services from reputable advertising publishers.

Continuous Support and Learning Resources

Helping users work with the system is one of the main tasks of the leading advertising resource, TrafficStars. New project participants registered in the service can familiarize themselves with the guidelines, which publish the rules and technical requirements for working with the platform.

The company cares for advertisers and publishers who have just started cooperating with the platform. If they have any questions, they can ask the site's technical support representatives at any time. TrafficStars specialists constantly publish training materials for business participants who master profitable advertising strategies. 

Joining the TrafficStars Community: Networking and Insights

Advertisers and ad creators can join our TrafficStars Community if they wish. As part of our team, you can access the latest analytics and other helpful information. To meet us, attend the conferences that we host around the world. 

Don't hesitate to join the TrafficStars professional team to gain much new knowledge and comprehend new collaboration opportunities that will help you succeed in your advertising campaign.