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The Power of Real-Time Bidding: Maximizing Advertising Efficiency

TrafficStars RTB self-serve platform uses big data, intelligent algorithms, and state-of-the-art technology to let publishers maximize their revenues and help advertisers reach the most relevant users. This powerful solution helps both sides increase efficiency and achieve their goals.
VisitorTS Advertiser ABid $ 1.4TS Publishers siteTS Advertiser BBid $ 0.5SSPDSPBid $ 0.9TS Publishers siteBid $ 1.4 WINSAd serverAd request
VisitorSSPTS AdvertiserABid $1.4TS Publishers siteDSPBid $0.9TS Publishers siteTS AdvertiserBBid $0.5Ad requestBid $1.4 WINSAd server
DSP DSPs can easily access one of the largest inventories in the industry, with over 5 billion daily impressions.
SSP SSPs can monetize their traffic effectively with premium offers and our exclusive advertiser base.
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RTB is an automated digital auction process that allows advertisers to bid on a per-impression basis in real time. Real-Time Bidding is a form of programmatic buying, which means that each impression is given a value based on the targeting information of the user at that time.
RTB enables Advertisers to
star0 Get access to a premium marketplace and a large array of inventory across a wide range of sites
resize Reduce costs and maximize outcome by using smart targeting and pricing
refresh Avoid manual optimization while getting the most valuable impressions using dynamic targeting parameters
RTB enables Publishers to
something Get more value for their inventory with a highly competitive bidding process and a large number of demand sources
tree Make advertising more user-friendly by delivering relevant offers to the users
eq Monetize remnant inventory far more effectively by getting access to widely- targeted campaigns

RTB is one of the most promising ways to buy and sell advertising materials on the Internet. The offer in RTB is regulated by auction bidding. Only the winning advertisers have the right to display their products.

TrafficStars makes the RTB process much easier by automating the main functions. The platform provides all the tools to run an auction and quickly identify winners in real-time.

TrafficStars offers its users the best automation solutions, a wide range of targeting options, a high level of compatibility with other advertising strategies, support for all current advertising types, and a full set of analytics tools and dynamic optimization capabilities.

The RTB is distinguished from conventional methods of advertising distribution by a more flexible auction model, as well as the absence of a fixed cost. These and other RTB features are now effectively implemented on the popular TrafficStars platform. Considering the differences between programmatic advertising vs RTB, the company productively applies the current models.

You need to register on its website to start working with TrafficStars. It is a fairly simple procedure requiring the user to complete a simple form. Those who wish to create a profile can also use their previously created Facebook or Google accounts.

TrafficStars ensures the effectiveness of its campaigns by using the most successful, effective RTB strategies. The company actively uses retargeting, distribution of ads on specific devices, and targeting of promotional materials based on the previous behavior of users and their interests. TrafficStars offers its clients flexible budget management, dynamic bid control, and the first or second price strategy: in the first case, the winning advertiser pays the price offered by him, and in the second case, the competitor's price differs the least.

TrafficStars users can access all the resources required to support advertising campaigns based on RTB strategies. Members are given access to an RTB exchange and a modern platform suitable for collecting, storing, and processing the necessary data. They also have practical analytics tools, a current technical infrastructure set, the best targeting technologies, and experienced TrafficStars specialists who will always help solve problems.

RTB advertising

RTB advertising is one of the best methods of acquiring and selling onlineadvertising. Participate in online auctions to have your target audience for display advertising!

RTB is the buying or offering of advertising on the Internet. An essential component of this type of activity is auction bidding, where advertisers are obliged to participate. Only business owners who win in them can display advertising to consumers.

Beginning advertisers and experienced participants of commercial activity may have questions: what is an RTB in advertising with the help of an auction, what are the most striking advantages of this method, and what is the difference between RTB and traditional options for offering advertising? We will talk to you about all this in this review.

Introduction to RTB in Advertising

Real-time bidding is a way of acquiring or selling the right to display advertising materials for a target segment of users by organizing an auction. All this happens automatically, with the participation of special programs that coordinate the process of bidding and other moments. The main advantage of this method is the speed of operations. All actions are carried out as quickly as possible. One transaction takes a few seconds.

Special platforms are created for activities related to RTB in advertising. Advertisers and other business participants purchase advertising content on them through specialized Demand Side Platform (DSP) services. The content producers, interacting through the exchange platform with the help of the Supply-side platform (SSP), offer such products.

RTB services offer advertisers flexible price conditions, where the cost of the purchased product for the winning bidder is equal to the closest price of the competitor, including the auction markup. The most reliable and popular platforms that use the RTB bidding scheme today include:

  • PropellerAds;
  • Adcash;
  • TrafficForce;
  • TrafficStars;
  • Facebook;
  • Google Ads and etc.

The company TrafficStars offers one of the best RTB models, which is convenient for sellers and buyers of advertising displays. Our platform dramatically simplifies the bidding process and the selection of the winner thanks to the availability of modern program modules and ensuring prompt, convenient interaction between the participants of the bidding process.

Understanding the Basics of RTB

Many components work in the RTB system to conduct an auction to purchase promotional materials. The bidders must strictly follow the rules established on the platform to succeed. It is not difficult if you are dealing with TrafficStars. A team of experienced professionals has developed the most flexible and transparent conditions, allowing you to win RTB bidding easily.

To understand what is RTB in advertising, it is necessary to know the basic concepts, including:

  • auction - starts from the moment the participant visits a website or other resource offering free advertising space;
  • target audience - consists of consumers of promotional content: participants need to obtain the right to display it;
  • DSP - a service responsible for demand - the advertisers form the allowable costs, create targeting rules and principles of betting;
  • SSP is a platform that regulates supply, and advertising creators can use it to sell their products effectively.

Exchanges and other web services that provide their resources for storing advertising products, including videos, banners, and related information, are also actively involved in the RTB process.

What is RTB in Advertising?

Using RTB in advertising activities makes it possible to quickly deliver promotional material to the platform owner, considering the target audience's desires, the specifics of targeting, the number of demonstrations, and performance control.

Publishers use special SSP services, where the offer of advertising services is accumulated. Using such platforms, publishers can rationally dispose of their tools and the final product, increasing the profitability of their own business and better understanding what is RTB advertising.

DMP services, which are responsible for preparing and managing necessary information, also play an essential role in ensuring effective RTB deals. You can find a lot of helpful information about advertising consumers on DMP platforms, which will effectively improve targeting.

When visiting different sites, advertising consumers unwittingly reveal their preferences and interests to automated data collection systems. Using cookies placed on each device, it is possible to easily obtain information about each user's online activity without revealing their identity. This way, analysts can create a prototype of any active Internet visitor and offer him advertising that matches his tastes and preferences.

The Role of TrafficStars in RTB Advertising

The universal, reliable resource TrafficStars uses rather voluminous arrays of information and perfect program complex to realize effective RTB. The most effective technologies offered to the participants of transactions contribute to the rapid growth of profits of advertising customers, who can also quickly enough win their user audience.

Our team supports modern, progressive ways of advertising, including:

  • banners;
  • pictures;
  • videos;
  • push traffic;
  • popunder traffic;
  • pop-ups between pages, etc.

RTB advertising platform TrafficStars allows advertisers to have up-to-date information about the popular commodity products offered on various platforms. The company provides its clients with the best smart targeting and pricing schemes that minimize ongoing costs and lead to rapid profit growth.

TrafficStars' most powerful tools include dynamic targeting, which allows you to access the most profitable ad impressions thanks to pre-designed automated optimization algorithms.

Why Choose RTB Advertising?

Advertising with RTB tools is the best way to generate profit from displaying relevant materials. This format has many undeniable advantages. The unique advertising RTB platform TrafficStars will allow you to quickly achieve significant revenues in your own advertising campaign using the most modern means and methods. We will definitely help RTB participants:

  1. Increase the return on their project due to fair competition and high demand for bids.
  2. Optimize the advertising material and adapt it to the needs of specific users, offering them what arouses maximum interest.
  3. Extract the most profit from the remaining reserves, using access to well-targeted sites.

We offer the most effective monetization methods for SSP platforms through exclusive offers and insights on the best advertisers. In turn, we enable DSPs to visit an influential and affordable service that delivers more than five billion impressions per day to clients.

The TrafficStars company is a powerful boost to everyone involved in the process, which is its RTB advertising meaning. Advertisers can increase their consumer audience many times over, and publishers can maximize the value and effectiveness of their tools.

RTB Advertising Platforms and TrafficStars' Solutions

The bidding procedure on the TrafficStars platform is characterized by simple and clear functionality. It can start when a user launches the publisher's page online, runs an application, or after using other services. Next, the following actions are taken:

  1. The browser permits the display of advertisements by addressing them to the SSP service. The latter searches for information about the necessary user and broadcasts it to ad exchange together with data about the service and settings of the available advertising segment. Thus, the SSP creates an advertising lot, which contains data about the user, resource, demonstration platform, and advertising type. If there is insufficient information, the missing data will be available for purchase on DMP platforms.
  2. The advertising exchange responsible for RTB digital advertising addresses the data to demand-side services, where the importance of the lot is automatically determined. In turn, the DSP can find more information about the user in the DMP. If advertisers are interested in this particular lot, the DSP will issue a bid for the demonstration.

The value of the latter is set by the advertising customers according to their targeting principles. SSP receives information about the final cost at the end of the service.

Features of TrafficStars’ RTB Platform

The TrafficStars service utilizes flexible interaction between all participants of the RTB process. This platform offers its consumers impeccable quality combined with attractive, and optimal prices. The modern program complex of TrafficStars provides fast decision-making and productive communication between all participants of the advertising auction.

Companies and individuals who decide to use TrafficStars services will have access to such important functions:

  • automatic purchases based on practical targeting principles;
  • a wide range of target types, including geographic, behavioral, contextual, etc., which allows you to attract more customers and partners;
  • compatibility of information representations, which significantly improves personalization and targeting;
  • support for different types of advertising, which significantly increases the user's choice of suitable options.

In addition, the TrafficStars service, supports RTB programmatic advertising, allows for ongoing reporting and analytics, supports dynamic optimization, and allows advertisers to use different strategies to create profitable and effective bids

How to Get Started with TrafficStars for RTB

It is quite easy to start using all the RTB features on TrafficStars. You should create a personal account on the company's website, where you must specify your e-mail address and create a suitable password. It is also possible to use an existing Facebook or Google profile for registration. Before creating an account, you should familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After passing the registration stages, the company will provide advertising space and everything you need for comfortable, productive work.

RTB vs. Traditional Advertising Models

RTB differs from conventional models in how advertising products are purchased and sold, each characterized by a set of individual properties. The RTB is based on the auction standard, where advertisers bid on individual demonstrations of advertising content. In the case of traditional advertising relationships, as a rule, contractual obligations between customers and publishers of advertising with a clearly defined, unchanging cost work. The main advantage of the RTB option supported by TrafficStars is the flexible, floating price, which makes targeting much more accessible for participants. As a result, they use their advertising budget more productively.

Success Stories: RTB Advertising with TrafficStars

Since its foundation, the company TrafficStars has achieved high results in promoting RTB and other advertising models. In 2023, more than seven billion impressions of promotional content have been made on the platform, a record to date. Video advertising was launched using the most relevant methods and tools, allowing advertisers to partner with the platform more successfully. They managed to create successful projects for Outstream, Video Slider, and Pre-roll in the shortest possible time.

Today, TrafficStars has presented its users and competitors with the most detailed and clear answer to the question of what does RTB stand for in advertising. The company offers users profitable, working tracking schemes, automatic translation tools, referral links, and other practical tools to promote RTB advertising campaigns.

The Future of RTB in Digital Advertising

Real-time bidding in advertising has a bright future today. With TrafficStars, customers and ad content creators can interact more effectively on the platform, significantly increasing their revenues. As of today, RTB will continue to drive rapid growth in digital advertising, improving process automation and expanding the impact of targeting.

We should also expect major shifts in dynamic creative optimization (DCO) shortly, allowing advertisers to target their products better. In addition, they can strengthen their user reach by utilizing easy multi-device targeting. Further plans for TrafficStars include significantly improving the security of the RTB online advertising demonstration environment, which will give traceability across the entire supply chain.