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It is a small content that automatically runs before the user's selected content starts.

This content is shown before the main content. Its meaning is that the user cannot remove it without watching for at least a few seconds. This way, important information can be communicated to a broad target audience.

The short duration, clarity, and direct calls to action make pre-rolls particularly effective in digital marketing.

Conversion rate for preroll ads depends on the specifics of the product being promoted, the nature of the consumer audience, and other factors. The average rate, according to experts today, reaches 3%.

To maximize the impact of pre-roll ads, content creators need to pay attention to the user's design, quality, and ability to experience the brand's main benefits.

Currently, there are pre-roll ads with the option to skip after a few seconds of viewing, those without this option, and short pre-roll ads of up to 6 seconds without the option to skip.

Maximizing Impact with Pre-roll Ads: Strategies and Insights

Promotional information at the beginning of content viewing is the best way to attract attention to a product or service. Use short, informative ads to win more customers!

There are many varieties of preroll ads formats used by manufacturers and retailers to promote their products. The ways of presenting such content differ significantly in targeting and effectiveness. The method of demonstration of clips or banners is an essential component of the advertising campaign's success. It depends on how many representatives of the target audience will pay attention to the proposed information and want to contact the product or service owner to make a deal.  

Today, there is no doubt that the way advertising content is generated plays a crucial role in its future effectiveness. Therefore, marketing experts are relentlessly searching for the best solutions for the advertiser. One of the most popular types of advertising presentation on the Internet today is pre-roll advertising. With such a demonstration, the information of the target video becomes known to many online users; consequently, the number of people who want to buy the proposed product grows significantly. This article will discuss pre-roll advertising, its advantages, and its impact on the audience.

Introduction to Pre-roll Advertising

As mentioned above, pre-rolls are videos shown before the video the user has chosen to watch.

This kind of video content has quite a wide range of applications, including social platforms, online movie theaters, YouTube, etc. The main task of the preroll is to expand the target audience and increase the popularity of the advertised product or service.

At the moment, the following variants of pre-rolls are known:

  • Skippable - a video running for no more than half a minute, which can be turned off after 5 seconds of demonstration;
  • Unskippable - a video of similar duration, which must be viewed in its entirety;
  • Bumper is a blitz video lasting no more than 6 seconds and viewable only in full. 

Prerolls can be created differently for different social networks. YouTube indicates that the duration of the video product posted by Skippable should be within 15-20 seconds. At the same time, the resources have strict requirements for the quality and content of the advertising media component.    

Understanding Pre-roll Ads

To understand why the pre-roll ad was created, you must know its main advantages. Experts in the field of marketing note such advantages of such videos:

  1. Sustainability and reliability. Preroll practically does not succumb to the action of ad blockers. The resource visitor will not be able to view the selected video material without downloading the advertising integrated into it.
  2. Clear, concise presentation. Due to the short length of the video, it is easier to fit only the most essential thing in it - a clear call to action, which will cause the desired response from the audience. 
  3. Growth of brand popularity. Thanks to a short advertisement that can not be missed, even those users who did not want to purchase will know about the product and service. 
  4. Great targeting opportunities. Popular social platforms allow you to place pre-rolls, considering the target audience's geographical location, tags, search phrases, and dynamic structure.
  5. The ability to quickly take the desired action. A potential customer who has opened the video can soon go to the landing page or purchase by clicking on the appropriate link, which is published in the most prominent place of the pre-roll.    

Despite the fact that users often ignore such advertising, it demonstrates a fairly high efficiency, and therefore is in high demand. 

What Are Pre-roll Ads? 

Such products play a huge role in the popularization of goods and services. By placing the material, the customer significantly increases the probability that thousands of potential customers will learn about his brand quickly. Even though video production will have a reasonably high cost, your costs will probably pay off soon by increasing the number of transactions to purchase goods or services.

The TrafficStars company, which gives the best answer to the question what are preroll ads, will help you place prerolls profitably and improve your income due to their displays. Thanks to the availability of modern technical means, advertisers can publish their material on the platform with the best conditions and establish prompt interaction with clients. 

The Mechanics of Pre-roll Video Ads  

Creating a practical pre-roll product is a complex task. It is essential to understand the mechanism of how short ads work on the user to achieve high results. A pre-roll should interest the viewer already in the first 5 seconds of the show, especially when it comes to content that can be skipped. However, you should not put the main call to action in the initial 5 seconds. Maximizing the viewer's interest in the material is better, and thanks to this, he will not want to turn off the video. In this case, the user, intrigued by helpful content, will probably like to watch the ad further. 

The advertising products promoting some well-known bookmaker companies are not a bad example of efficiency. They immediately show prospects to the target audience, decorating the video with bright, colorful images and high-quality sound accompaniment. Users quickly remember advertising, which causes a desire to act, despite the possible negativity of some consumers.    

Effectiveness of Pre-roll Ads

It is necessary to follow practical principles and strategies to make the pre-roll ads enjoyable for the users and increase the recognition of the proposed brand. The main ways to achieve high results of pre-roll ads are:

  1. Target audience orientation. The relevancy of the content will increase only if it is targeted to a specific customer segment.
  2. Creativity and succinct presentation of the main theses. The commercial should evoke vivid emotions in the consumer, encouraging him to take a targeted action. 
  3. Demonstration of the key advantages of the proposed product or service. The video material must convey to consumers the brand's main features and contribute to its popularization among the relevant target groups.
  4. The presence of a clear call to action. Content consumers should understand what they should do: visit your website using a link, order a product, or learn more about the brand in social networks.
  5. The presence of interactive buttons or links, which the viewer of the video can use to realize the action expected of him.
  6. The availability of a clear preamble allows you to focus the consumer's attention on the video's main idea.
  7. Emotionality implies an accessible, friendly dialog with the user. A big plus will be the presence of original humor in the pre-roll, sound video effects, and other techniques that focus attention on the brand.

Do not immediately set your video's highest frequency of demonstration, as it may lead to negative emotions in consumers and thus cause the opposite effect. 

Conversion Rates and Pre-roll Ads

Currently, the conversion rate of prerolls, which mainly concerns podcasts, is quite high. Today, the conversion rate of preroll video ads in the most popular industries reaches 3%, while the conversion rate for regular in-app ads is only 0.93%. 

The conversion rate of ads shown before the main video depends on various factors. These include:

  • properties of the buyer audience - it is necessary to select the content taking into account the preferences of the potential buyer;
  • the quality of the proposed advertising material;
  • duration - the video should not be too long because such advertising may cause the viewer to stop watching;
  • the presence of a clear call to action - the real interest of customers in your brand depends on it;
  • use of targeting and retargeting - it is necessary to target your shows to a specific audience of viewers, as well as to retarget ads to those users who have shown active interest in them before;
  • control over the indicators of analytics and competent management of them to optimize advertising.

Individual products or services may have different conversion rates. Therefore, advertisers must test their products using modern methods and tools to find the optimal value. 

Best Practices for Creating Impactful Pre-roll Ads

You need creative approaches and tactics to create a useful competitive advertising product. Effective strategies have been developed to make a complete pre-roll advertisement and quickly deliver it to the consumer. To achieve the goal, the advertiser will need:

  1. An engaging, interesting narrative at the beginning of the material that will grab the viewer's attention.
  2. Compliance with the way of presentation of the video's main idea of the target audience for which it is intended.
  3. Having all the necessary branding components already at the commercial's beginning. It is essential that the primary attention of the person watching the video was directed to the brand being realized and its features.
  4. The video product is of high quality and uniqueness. It is desirable that your advertising includes exciting special effects and a high-quality audio accompaniment. In the end, all this will contribute to brand recognition.
  5. Adaptation for mobile gadgets. Modern pre-roll advertising should be played on mobile devices without difficulties. It will allow the advertiser not to lose the main buying audience.

To determine how much the pre-roll contributes to achieving the goal, you must conduct its complex A/B-testing regularly. The TrafficStars company will help you realize the most complicated project of developing and placing short pre-rolls. It will be much easier for you to achieve the desired conversion with us!