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TrafficJedi is the go-to expert at, a premier self-serve ad network and RTB platform that delivers over 7 billion ad impressions daily. With a profound understanding of digital advertising, TrafficJedi excels in optimizing campaigns, ensuring that advertisers reach their target audiences with precision and efficiency.

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Advertisers How to Make Money Promoting AI Programs

Unlock profits with AI affiliate programs ❤️‍🔥 A new trend vertical in affiliate marketing.

Author Written by TrafficJedi July 3, 2024

Advertisers How to use TrafficStars API

TrafficStars API allows advertisers and publishers to programmatically manage campaigns, sites, and data beyond the web interface.

Author Written by TrafficJedi June 19, 2024

Advertisers Get Ready for the Ultimate Betting Season

Leverage the power of TrafficStars to promote your betting offers 🤑

Author Written by TrafficJedi June 12, 2024

Events Let’s meet at iCon in Limassol

🗓 May 30-31 🏨 City of Dreams Mediterranean, Cyprus 📍 Booth VE 02

Author Written by TrafficJedi April 24, 2024

Events Meet our team at MAC affiliate conference

Yerevan, Armenia 🇦🇲 📍 Booth G17

Author Written by TrafficJedi April 23, 2024

Advertisers What is Real-Time-Bidding?

RTB (Real-Time Bidding) refers to the automated buying and selling of advertising space in real-time through specialized platforms and...

Author Written by TrafficJedi April 17, 2024

Advertisers Explore Native Ads with TrafficStars

Delve into the world of Native advertising on TrafficStars platform, tailored for advertisers. Learn about Native ad examples, costs, t...

Author Written by TrafficJedi March 28, 2024

Advertisers Comprehensive Guide to CPA Model in TrafficStars

Understanding the CPA Model. A Complete Guide for Advertisers on TrafficStars

Author Written by TrafficJedi March 27, 2024

Advertisers How to Make Your Ads Go Viral

Every marketer dreams of making viral ads, but what’s the secret formula? Learn all about principles, methods, and examples of viral ad...

Author Written by TrafficJedi March 12, 2024