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Users receive browser push notifications even when they are not actively browsing the website.

These are short messages delivered to users' devices to attract them to content or advertisements. They are usually presented in text form.

Push notifications on Trafficstars are sent to users with their consent, drawing attention to advertising or content.

They are aimed directly at the buyer (consumer). Good targeting tools are available, statistics demonstrate its high conversion rate.

The advertiser is required to upload an icon, an image, a headline, and a description for the campaign.

Optimizing headlines and images, testing different variations, and fine-tuning audience targeting. This will maximize the benefits of the promotion.

Among the key benefits are low cost, high visibility (viewability), and a high click-through rate (CTR)

Best push notification ads

Push notification ads are short messages sent by websites or mobile apps to users through their browsers or apps. Many companies use them to notify their customers, clients. This is how they try to draw attention to promotions, discounts, special offers.

Various ads push notifications are convenient and understandable. Usually they are very short. That is, in 1-2 sentences should be set out the essence of the action, benefit to the buyer. In this case, it is important to convey the information clearly at once, so that the potential customer understands that the offer is interesting for him.

How to choose a push ads network?

Choosing the right network is an important task for those who want to achieve results and maximize attention to their product. It is important to choose a relevant method of notification. First, it must be accessible to a wide range of people. Therefore, it is important to work out the notification mechanism. Secondly, it is necessary to send notifications primarily to interested users.

So, to choose the most suitable network for your tasks, you need to consider:

  1. Reputation and reliability. Surely there are positive reviews about proven methods. You can find information about statistics, conversion, how interested users are in certain offers. Also data on reliability, payouts and overall user experience are sometimes available in reviews, ratings and forums dedicated to the marketing industry.
  2. Targeting and segmentation. The ideal network will provide the opportunity to select the target audience by various parameters: geolocation, interests, devices and others. All these are very important for success. The best push notification ads network is always ready to provide you with statistics. It is necessary for planning the campaign, budgeting, understanding the level of response.
  3. Types of advertising formats available. The most popular and obvious is text. However, technology does not stand still. Therefore, push notifications can be with pictures, videos, but when choosing a suitable format you should take into account whether the audience is interested in such notifications and how important the type of message is for them.
  4. Analytics and reporting. This will allow you to understand how effectively the advertising works. It is important to have access to reports on impressions, clicks, conversions and other metrics to optimize campaigns.
  5. Customer support and service. Technical or organizational issues may arise. It is important that they can be resolved quickly. Therefore, you should take into account what methods the company offers.
  6. Terms of use.  This includes not only commissions and costs, but also rules of use, restrictions and content requirements. All this can affect the formats used, the features of promotion.
  7. Testing and scaling. Any campaign is initially better to conduct on a relatively small audience. This will allow you to understand how effective it is, how it generates traffic. If the case is successful, you can start scaling it up.

Take all these parameters into account to find the most relevant network. The success of your campaign depends on it. You will be able not just to do mailings, but also to find interested buyers.

Now on the market there are quite a few interesting offers. It is important to study their details, features. Even after that it will be possible to realize them.

What is push ads?

Push notifications are short notes that appear on the screen of your device. Most often it is a smartphone. In the traditional sense of push notification ads - a short informational message. For example, with the dates of the promotion and terms and conditions. However, now, in addition to text, they can contain an image or video.

Such messages are seen by the user as pop-up notifications. This form of advertising is not the first year and has already demonstrated its effectiveness due to the brevity and understandable message.

Among the main characteristics of push advertising should be emphasized:

  1. Direct communication with the user. It will not be necessary to face intermediaries, marketplaces, competitors' ads. The necessary information will be provided directly.
  2. Good conversion rate. Statistics convincingly demonstrates that this format of placing ads gets much more responses in comparison with other types of advertising. If you want to achieve the result, use it exactly.
  3. Geotargeting and personalization. Push notifications can be customized to send to a specific audience in a specific location, allowing you to target your ads more precisely. Such a campaign will reach the audience you need.

All this is what makes this method of promotion a rational choice for everyone. Rather, define your business goals and objectives to evaluate its benefits firsthand.

Push ad consists of

This format of advertising consists of several key components. The first thing to do is to come up with creatives and content. This can be text, images, videos. The best push notification ads pay close attention to this. This approach is not surprising. This is the first thing the user pays attention to, so it is important to interest him. 

Next, it is important to identify the target audience. It is important to take into account:

  • geolocation;
  • interests;
  • behavioral factors.

These and other parameters are important to ensure that the ad is shown to a really interested audience. 

Various technical parameters are also important. For example, the time of sending, the frequency of notifications. It is very unnecessary to impose on the audience. This will definitely cause a negative reaction.

After the launch, carefully monitor all indicators. It is important to test them in order to understand how successful the promotion is.

The mechanism for subscription to push ads

Subscription to notifications is offered on many sites. Usually a special window is opened for this purpose, and the buyer must make a note - whether he agrees with these or those rules and conditions. If the user gives his consent, then in the future he may receive similar notifications. Most often they contain information about promotions, special offers.

At the same time, there is an opportunity to refuse notifications. This is easy to do through the settings of the gadget. Therefore, each user can change the configuration.

Push traffic and its advantages

The popularity of this way of advertising and promotion is easy to understand. To begin with, this way of popularizing products has long been well known. This means that there is no need to doubt its effectiveness. Among the main and most obvious advantages can be attributed:

  1. Good conversion rate. The user sees the notification directly on the smartphone screen. Almost everyone responds to it to some extent.
  2. Direct connection with the customer. This form of advertising provides a direct connection with the user, bypassing the noise of other marketing channels.
  3. High level of personalization. Gender, age, location and a host of other indicators are taken into account. As a result, push notification ads network often offers a relevant ad.
  4. Affordable cost. Often push notifications are more economical than other advertising channels, while demonstrating high efficiency.

All this makes this method of promotion and popularization of the product as rational as possible. You can be convinced of this on your own experience.

Push traffic disadvantages

  1. Despite the demand and obvious advantages, there are potential risks and threats that should not be forgotten. Among them:
  2. Negative attitude of the audience. This can result from sending out notifications too frequently. There is a possibility that buyers will want to refuse the annoying reminder.
  3. Peculiarities of platforms. Not all resources support advertising push notification ads. For certain types of business, this can narrow the audience and limit its coverage.
  4. High level of competition. This format of advertising is used by many companies. Because of this, it is very important that the content was really high level. Only in this case you can count on attracting an audience.

Blocking notifications. They are available in many modern browsers. This reduces the effectiveness of the mailing.

Otherwise, push notifications are seen as a rational choice for an advertising campaign. Take into account the potential challenges, and you will be able to benefit from this channel.

How Do Push Ads Work?

The notification will be shown to the user on the screen of his gadget. For this purpose, the required numbers are pre-selected from the database (system). Advertising messages are delivered to users based on the targeting of the advertising campaign.. A mass mailing to thousands of numbers can also be organized.

The potential customer sees the notification, clicks through and lands on a captivating landing page. For example, read the entire catalog of available promotional offers. This is quite rational, because you can quickly provide access to data about promotions and bonuses.

How to choose a push ads network?

Knowing what push notification ads are , you can move on to choosing the right resource. In doing so, you should take into account:

targeting and audience - it is important that these parameters are easy to customize;

  • available formats and types;
  • analytics and reporting features;
  • conditions of use;
  • availability of technical support.

Take these indicators into account to choose the right option.