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Buying web traffic: strategies for acquiring quality visitors

Buying web traffic: strategies for acquiring quality visitors

What is a good website traffic? This idea looks attractive. The vendor gets attention from the audience, increases brand awareness, and enjoys other benefits. You should pay attention to "white-hat" promotion methods and buying traffic to remain in demand as a service provider.

Access to Internet resources is a bliss of modern times and new approaches to advertising their products. Users who intend to buy any product seek suitable offers in a search engine. When your ad is shown to the target buyer, it is called organic traffic.

What is Conversion Rate?

You can assess the effectiveness of your efforts with the help of TrafficStars tips. Specialists recommend analyzing the attracted users and their actions. This approach is designed to determine the conversion rate - the number of people who clicked on your link and completed a targeted action (order, sending contacts, and subscribing to a newsletter).

The ratio of the number of unique conversions to the completion of the transaction will allow you to draw some conclusions about the advertising campaign, including:

  • effectiveness of advertisements: the impact of the ad depends on the way the information is presented and the design chosen;
  • investment feasibility: the profit that is obtained after buying web traffic should match or exceed your costs;
  • conversion rates: the number of users who click on the link and make a purchase affects the promotion results.

So, the conversion rate is data that will help you change your approach, reduce costs, and create a more effective marketing strategy. A questionable quality of traffic and lack of targeted actions is not an effect worth striving for.

How to buy high-converting traffic?

Buying traffic will be beneficial, but only if the indicators are defined correctly. Many more factors affect traffic efficiency if everything is simple with the conversion rate. So, it would be best to consider how to provide information, the traffic quality and its cost. A review of each of the factors will help to understand the buying rules and what is good website traffic.

#1 Target the right audience

If you consider buying traffic from the perspective of the advertising cost, you will find that not all buyers have the same value for your business. Users of your target audience are more interested in your offers. A detailed portrait will allow you to use information about potential customers.

Existing customers will help you create an audience description. For this, it is necessary to collect information about:

  • age, gender, and interests;
  • GEO, pain points;
  • communication channel.

The data is analyzed, and then an advertising campaign is created based on the identified triggers and features.

#2 Test and optimize your campaigns

Preparing for the launch of a campaign requires the creation of creatives and intriguing headlines. The results obtained during the test purchase will depend on this. It would be best to get analytics and metrics data to evaluate the effectiveness. By analyzing the information, you can identify:

  • the best traffic sources in terms of conversion rate;
  • ideas that receive positive feedback from the audience;
  • channels that do not bring the expected results.

Optimization is all about creating conditions that promote the growth of popularity and demand. At this stage, you can refuse to use specific ideas, buy traffic from certain platforms, and identify the cost items that are better to eliminate.

You can improve the optimization using separate tools. Optimizer - automatically analyzes the collected data, evaluates the effectiveness of campaigns, and identifies expenses that do not bring the desired benefit. How to set up and use the tool is described in the TrafficStars guide.

#3 Create compelling ad

The idea is to create a campaign based on the obtained results. For this, the topics of posts or ads that received users' attention and led to conversion are identified. This way, marketing specialists can develop similar advertising banners for future projects.

In addition, the tasks of advertising are partially changing. Now, you need to reveal the offer's benefits and attract attention with ratings or reviews from other customers. Therefore, commercial value queries (buy, price, cost, city) are added to advertising texts.

#4 Start with a small budget

A responsible attitude to the budget helps you avoid significant and, most importantly, useless expenses. Instead, running experiments with the cost per click or impression would be best. Today, there are several ways to test a created campaign with a limited budget:

  1. Several types of platforms. The conversion rate depends on the number of audience members who visit specific sites. It is worth considering the existing demand for the offer of several categories of buyers: adult traffic, thematic forums, etc.
  2. Breaks between traffic purchases. The sum of costs depends on when ads appear on the website. Refusing to publish ads during high-demand hours also helps you save money.
  3. Reasonable pricing policy. It is not necessary to launch the first campaign with a high CPM. Initially, it is worth to select Recommended bid, and then lowering it or raising it later.

Finding your options will allow you to consider the specifics of your business. Since the number of universal tips is limited, you should be especially creative when setting the price.

#5 Set up conversion tracking

Tracking performance indicators is the basis for the right decisions. For this, the proposed tools are used; each platform provides a list of them separately. For example, setting up an advertising campaign using TrafficStars allows you to collect information about:

  • number of conversions for each campaign;
  • cost of customer attraction, including the cost per click (impression);
  • total audience reach and breakdown by individual sources;
  • number of clicks on the ad;
  • conversion rates.

A wide range of settings is designed to track all indicators. You will need the data to evaluate the quality of the results and make changes to your campaign. The availability of additional sources of information leads to the use of the above methods of advertising optimization and budget savings.

How to buy adult traffic

Buying traffic that comes from various adult websites is an attractive idea. Firstly, it is connected with the attendance of such platforms. Users of all ages pay attention to ads because there are not so many of them. Advertisers also have an advantage: low cost per 1000 impressions. Our research shows that the sites will allow you to promote products with several advantages.

To evaluate the idea of website traffic buy, you should review the reasons mentioned above:

  • low cost per impression;
  • the ability to scale ad campaigns;
  • absence of strict restrictions;
  • simple advertising optimization.

The audience that visits adult websites are users with a high level of interest. Besides, the viewership rates are also quite optimistic for those who are looking for a profitable offer to buy adult traffic. To launch a campaign, you should also consider the other side, namely, the ethics of the ads. Orientation in the space where legal and legal relations play a special role will help you get results.

PPC Advertising

Contextual advertising is one of the ways to generate traffic. This system is attractive with its features, but it is dangerous at the same time. Purchasing clicks is worth considering that the attracted traffic may be a robot or similar algorithm.

The advantages of contextual advertising include paying for web traffic and action. While companies pay for impressions (and they do not always lead to a link click), many prefer PPC. This way, campaign results are more in line with reality.

The calculation of cost per click on the TrafficStars platform is done beforehand. The traffic buyer enters the data, which is taken into account by the buy-click traffic system, and receives the average price per action. So, you can evaluate the profitability of the purchase and make an informed decision. 

You can increase the effectiveness of campaigns by initially using the CPM model. When you manage to collect the necessary amount of data on the level of demand for services (goods), the use of pay-per-click advertising will become justified. Only move to pay-per-click advertising when you already have enough information about the effectiveness of your offer.

Native advertising

The promotion of goods on the Web without the use of calling banners is called native advertising. The peculiarity of the method is that the advertising link is "hidden" from the visitor. An interested buyer believes that the information on the site is included in the "standard package" and not paid for from the outside.

Buy organic traffic in this way is profitable and easy. The visitor's interest is confirmed by the fact that he clicked on the advertising link and came to your site. Further promotion of the buyer through the sales funnel depends on the quality of content and relevant information. 

The CPMv (viewable) model is a unique pricing model available only for Native ads. The idea is that publishers have to fulfil several conditions to get paid:

  • display at least 30% of the ad;
  • the duration of the ad is more than 1 second;
  • the ad is placed in a visible area.

Paying for 1000 ad views is a good way to check the conversion rate and demand for the offer.

eCommerce or Product Ads

You need to buy online traffic to promote online stores that may be neglected for various reasons (new seller, limited target audience, etc.). The above recommendations will help attract attention: compliance with the topic, quality content, and honesty of the description.

Click ID allows you to get information about conversion rates. This is a unique code that is added to the referral link. Thanks to this, postback works to transfer data between several platforms. An interested advertiser will find the necessary information in the TrafficStars blog.

You must complete a simple registration and specify your preferred campaign parameters to create an advertisement. Here you can easily  set up conversion tracking through postback or tracking pixel.

Simple and easy-to-understand guidelines will help you make changes to your advertising campaign. They will help you learn more about setting up postbacks and other indicators. It won't take much time to start using them: the instructions are detailed and easy to understand.

Banner advertising

Banner advertising is the first way to advertise products, so the interest in it is quite justified. For that, considering the audience's interests, it is necessary to think about advertising creatives. As for buying traffic, you need to consider the specifics of your target audience.

Large banners attract attention with their size and evocative headline. It is necessary to prepare original visual effects and work out the content of the landing page to promote your brand or products. The category of effective banner ads includes animation and video banners. Additionally, HTML5 ads add interactivity, making them more effective.

It is worth assessing the possible risks before buying traffic. First, the widespread use of ad blockers reduces the frequency of displays and clicks. However, at the same time, visitors are interested in the offer and are ready to continue getting to know each other.

Secondly, banner ads lose effectiveness. Users have learned to ignore such ads, so the results of promotion are unpredictable. You should consult a reliable specialist to avoid costs and web traffic buy.

Ways To Boost Your Conversion Rate

It is valuable and profitable to buy web visitors to your website. However, it is worth heeding the advice to help you achieve the desired result. Recommendations do not end with organic content and truthful information. In addition, you can improve the effectiveness of campaigns in the following ways: 

  1. Research. Testing the effectiveness of campaigns begins with the development of several strategies. This way, you can identify priority areas and advertise products in ways that have proven effective.
  2. Traffic quality. When choosing between several affiliate systems, it is worth testing the quality of visitors. Create several campaigns to test traffic coming from different platforms.
  3. Cost analysis. The cost per click or impression should be slightly higher than the proposed one. In this way, you can analyze which expenses brought profit and which did not. Besides, it will save your budget.
  4. Conversion tracking. To do this, you need to set up S2S postback or tracking pixel. Data from different servers is transferred to one - a solution offered by TrafficStars.
  5. Cooperate with the manager. It is easier to create and implement an advertising campaign if you have accurate data. The advertising manager will provide you with everything you need to implement it.

Being cautious won't hurt, so check who you buy high converting traffic from. A reliable company is ready to deliver its results. High-quality targeted traffic cannot cost little; you need to consider this when making a deal.


What is the concept of buying web traffic, and how does it work?

Purchase of traffic - intentional publication of advertisements on the service provider's sites. The principle of operation is that ads are shown to visitors of resources corresponding to the specified portrait. This way, a potential customer will probably turn into a real one.

How can I purchase high-converting web traffic to improve my website's performance?

You can buy traffic and improve your website's performance at TrafficStars. The platform offers simple registration and collection of additional data to evaluate campaign results. Everything is available on one website.

What are the advantages and considerations when paying for web traffic?

Target audience means potential customers who do not know about your offer. Placing website ads allows you to attract attention, build trust in your brand, and generate revenue. You can pay for traffic using one of the following models: pay-per-view and pay-per-link.

Where can I find reputable sources to buy web traffic for my website or business?

It is possible to find the publisher on the TrafficStars website. Client feedback, a blog describing strategies, and data collection tools will help you evaluate the offer. The results are presented conveniently, so ensuring you've made the right choice is easy.

What is the difference between buying web traffic and organic traffic, and which is more effective?

Organic traffic is people who open an offer after entering a query in a search. Attracted traffic is visitors who see an advertisement on any third-party site and click through to you. The effectiveness of the options is about the same because both make purchases.

How can I buy click traffic to increase engagement on my website or online platform?

You can buy targeted traffic on the TrafficStars platform. It offers a convenient designer for preparing ads, collecting analytics, and analyzing metrics. In addition, the cost is calculated based on the requirements specified by the advertiser.

What criteria define good website traffic, and why is it important for online success?

An extended user stay and transactions indicate good website traffic. Search engine algorithms collect this information to assess the relevance of content. Depending on the results, bots recommend pages for other users to visit more often (less often).

Are there ethical and legal considerations when buying traffic for my business?

You need to prepare relevant content that matches your visitors' intentions and avoid any kind of deception (misleading descriptions, services that don't match the ad).

How can I ensure that the traffic I purchase aligns with my target audience and business goals?

Setting up an advertising campaign allows you to attract target traffic. The advertiser creates a buyer's portrait, selects creatives, and prepares relevant content. Analyzing the data collected during the advertising period will help confirm that the results meet the requirements.