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Trafficstars has stepped up in Manga and Anime category. After merging with one of the leading mainstream Native and Push Ad Network - RUNative. We have significantly increased traffic for Manga and Anime. In this article, we will provide you with a better understanding of this growing category and how to get the best of it.

Why should you test Manga and Anime category? It is a niche high-quality traffic that gives you a wider reach to a younger audience with higher conversion rate. With more than 300M daily impressions on different ad formats, such as Native, In-Page Push, 300x250, 728x90, you have the unique possibility to grab high-converting traffic and generate a huge profit.

You might think that Manga and Anime users are mostly from Asian countries, but in reality you can reach a global audience from mostly Tier 1 countries. With more than 95% of Organic traffic you make sure that your audience is genuinely interested in such ​​a genre and if you play your cards well and promote the right offer, you can get great results. The best converting verticals are Games, Dating, Comics, Casino, Gambing.

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Who is your audience?

Age Distribution: 70% of audience is age 18-35.

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54% of audience is English speaking.

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Top GEOs: US, FR, GB, DE, CA, PH, MY.

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Audience Interests are:

  • Animation And Comics
  • Games
  • Adult

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The distibution between devices is the following:

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Getting started with TrafficStars:

  • Go to your TrafficStars account -> Create Campaign -> In Settings tab choose Mainstream Categories: Mainstream General & Manga / Anime
  • Start with RON Campaign
  • Begin with the recommended bid
  • Use the Optimizer
  • Whitelist / Blacklist on ad spot level
  • Set up Prime campaigns for best converting spots on a higher bid
  • A/B test different creatives
  • Use frequency capping - for RON campaigns we recommend 4-5 creatives with frequency capping 1 or 2, and at least 3-4 creatives with frequency capping 2 or 3 for Prime
  • Consistently upload new creatives to avoid banner blindness
  • Start optimising on OS, browser, language etc. level
  • Always keep your RON campaign active (it’s your basic tool to gather data)


  • Use attractive, bold images

  • Use clear, uncluttered images

  • Use images and content relevant to the offer:

  • For dating offers - use photos of real people

  • For gaming, casino, comics offers - use anime images

Interested? Go to the TrafficStars account and launch new campaigns!