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Case Studies How I Made $15996 on a Webcam Affiliate Program

Uncover the immense potential of webcam affiliate programs in this remarkable affiliate marketing case study 🤑

TrafficStars July 25, 2023

Case Studies How to promote iGaming offers in Southeast Asia

Learn how to advertise iGaming offers in Malaysia and Singapore through banner ads in this marketing case study.

TrafficStars March 13, 2023

Case Studies [Case Study] Affiliate Nutra Offer with Display Ads in Malaysia

Display advertising still works and this case study is proof of that! One of our advertisers successfully promoted an affiliate Nutra o...

TrafficStars January 4, 2023

Case Studies Get Up To $1000 for Affiliate Marketing Case Study

Make extra profit on your ad campaigns that you run in TrafficStars. Or share your experience of traffic monetization and get rewarded!

TrafficStars December 14, 2022

Case Studies How to promote Sports Betting in India?

Online sports betting thriving in India. There are over 140 million active players. However, promotion of iGaming offers is a daunting...

TrafficStars November 15, 2022

Case Studies How to passively earn $1000 per month on gaming affiliate programs?

In this affiliate marketing case study you’ll learn how to make money by promoting gaming affiliate programs.

TrafficStars September 12, 2022

Case Studies Native Ads and Affiliate Dating Offers [CASE STUDY]

In this case study I wanted to share with rookie affiliate marketers my experience in promotion of dating offers using native ads. I’ll...

TrafficStars July 18, 2022