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Case Studies How I Made $15996 on a Webcam Affiliate Program

Uncover the immense potential of webcam affiliate programs in this remarkable affiliate marketing case study 🤑

TrafficStars July 25, 2023

Guides Video Advertising Formats

Leverage the power of video ads! Explore the benefits of TrafficStars video ad formats, and check traffic volume and prices.

TrafficStars May 25, 2023

News & Updates Boost your ROI with our Special Video Ads Promo

Join our limited-time promo and get 20% cashback for your video ad campaigns 💵

TrafficStars May 24, 2023

Guides 6 tips for creating high-converting video ads

Most of these tips work best for Pre-rolls and Outstream ads, but you should also find some tips for video slider ads! So without furth...

TrafficStars November 29, 2022

Guides Affiliate Marketing Guide to iGaming 2022

iGaming is a great way to make some passive income for affiliate marketers. And as in any other vertical, success depends on many facto...

TrafficStars October 26, 2022

Guides The best way to promote your Cam channel or OnlyFans account

In this article, you will learn how to Increase your traffic as a webcam model, get more followers and increase your profits eventually...

TrafficStars October 14, 2022


In stream video ads are all the buzz currently! It’s no secret that video ads help businesses strive to new heights. In this article yo...

TrafficStars March 10, 2022

News & Updates Video banner is now available in TrafficStars

Statistics say that about one-third of users will purchase a product after viewing a video ad so there’s no doubt that video ads are he...

TrafficStars October 24, 2019