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TrafficStars team FAQ

TrafficStars tokens

Tokens or dynamic parameters are needed for tracking data.

These parameters can be added to the promoted link when setting up your campaign.

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You must type the parameter name yourself, for example, site={site_id}.

Use ? and & to divide parameters. Question marks (?) are only used after the base URL. Use ampersands (&) to separate subsequent parameters.

When a user clicks on the ad, the contents of the curly braces will automatically be replaced with specific values:

Add required tokens to the URL of the offer.

We have the following tokens: 


Randomly generated unique click id used for s2s tracking


Campaign Name


Campaign ID


Creative ID


Device type


Device type ID


Operating System


Operating System ID




Browser ID


URL of the page that the user visited before following a link to the current page


Site ID


Categories detected


Category ID




Carrier ID


Keywords collected


2-char country code




2-char language code


Creative format ID


Creative format WIDTHxHIGHT for banners (315x300, 300x250, etc) and name for other, for example: Popunder, Native


CPM, CPC, etc


It is the actual amount paid, in the case of using the DCPM pricing model.


It is the bid that was set


User’s IP address


Site URL




Ad spot ID


Ad spot name


Locate clicks on hosted banners


Locate clicks on hosted banners

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