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Experience Superior Engagement with TrafficStars' Native Ads

To increase the effectiveness of the brand promotion and its products, it is worth using one interesting technique. It is called native advertising, which is an ad, organically woven into the content of the Internet platform on which the advertising text is placed. This type of advertising utilizes content marketing. Native ads are created under the specifics of the Internet platforms on which they are placed. This is necessary to make the text of the ads organic. Such ads have the following characteristics:

  1. Usefulness. The reader of the material receives the necessary information, thereby becoming involved in the process.
  2. Organicity. The announcement should have a natural appearance among the rest of the posted content of the online edition, media or blog.
  3. Truthfulness. The posted information provides the user with the expected information. This increases the reputation of the resource on which it is published.

The last point deserves special attention, because there have been cases when native content became the cause of real scandals and greatly reduced the credibility of the publication, brand and products. More details on how to buy native ads online - in the material of experts from TrafficStars.

How Do Native Ads Work?

Currently, there are several of the most commonly used forms of natural advertising. Some of them worth mentioning:

  1. Sponsored article. Such material refers to native advertising, if inside it carefully placed mentions of a particular product of a certain company. In the course of creating such a text, it should be remembered that a person should not realize that the article is of an advertising nature. This option is suitable for those who are ready to invest in long-term promotion. This is exactly what they want to buy native ads for.
  2. Native ads in content marketing. This is a mention of the brand in the blocks "similar materials", "you may be interested in..." and other options.
  3. YouTube videos. Videos are now characterized by increased engagement, and the presence of native advertising in the video provides maximum effectiveness. The main thing here is the natural presentation of material from the blogger himself. However, this works well only if the product is of high quality.

Natural advertising content was first used to promote various blogs. Currently, this method has begun to be widely used on the Internet. Since the price per click is low, many businessmen try to use native advertising to attract attention to their resources. Also, these ads are used to increase recognition and brand loyalty.

Boost Your Online Success

Every website owner can promote their website using native advertising. Such content really promotes resources, as evidenced by the data of the report "Native Advertising in Europe in 2020" from Ender Analysis and Yahoo. This document shows that native advertising has increased its presence in media in the European space by 156%. These positions of native advertising are due to its advantages:

  • rarely blocked, as it is characterized by a low risk of negative audience response;
  • lack of banner blindness;
  • increasing trust in products, services and specific brands;
  • providing product information;
  • high levels of engagement;
  • ability to target advertising content;
  • long-lasting effect;
  • self-distributed and does not require additional budget.

Native advertising is shown to users usually by 53%. This indicates that it stimulates the reader to purchase a product or use a certain service. With such advantages, " native advertising" is one of the main techniques in the promotion strategies of individual companies wishing to promote a particular product or a particular service.

Run successful Native campaigns on all major verticals, industries, and locations

The native advertising material must fit naturally into the style of the online platform. The advertising publication does not disrupt the content feed. The user usually " native advertisement" does not cause negative emotions. To achieve this result, you need to follow these guidelines:

Consistency of style. If "native advertising" is launched on its own web resource, then the presentation of the material depends solely on the tastes of the owner. Also here the needs of the target audience should be taken into account. With extraneous sites, everything will be more complicated, since it must not violate the rules established on the platform and "go in" to the target audience.

Benefit to the reader. "Native advertising" is practically no different from the material that is published on a particular site. Most users will understand this trick and will not rant against the author.

"Native advertising" works longer than regular advertising, and also affects SEO performance. The more mentions of the product, the higher it will be in the search engine rendition. To do this best buy native ads in TrafficStars.

eCommerce Sales

Native advertising is also known as social commerce. Such content fits naturally into the online platform and has the appearance of a regular social media post. Advertising messages in social networks also have interactivity, thanks to which users can buy goods immediately in the program. This approach has two advantages:

  1. The unobtrusiveness of the advertising content. This factor provides a greater likelihood of interacting with it and getting extensive information about the product, because of which people buy the product.
  2. Attracting the attention of the audience. It is an incentive to look at all the posts or make a purchase of products.

The right social commerce approach will not only help ensure an influx of new customers, but will also help keep the attention of buyers for the future.

Website Traffic

The most suitable option to attract traffic to the site is native advertising. Users usually do not realize that they see advertising, or it organically fits into the overall picture, so it does not cause negative emotions. In order to increase attendance, it is necessary to buy native ads. The best place to buy native ads is TrafficStars.

Mobile Apps

With the social media revolution, mobile marketing is becoming a means of earning money through advertising. With the help of this type of promotion, brand and product awareness can be increased by connecting it with the potential target audience through social media.

Such advertising is easily embedded in the application. Such content is perfectly combined with all genres and provides developers with a stable income. To launch a mobile "native advertising" you need to determine at what point the ad block should be displayed. It may be necessary to involve a designer and an analyst.

For placement, the application has to send a request to the advertising network. Then from the network comes a set of fields with data about the ad. In these fields you need to enter the required information, which will be coordinated with the design of the application and the norms of the advertising content.

Affiliate Links

With the help of "native advertising" you can promote affiliate offers that pay arbitrageurs after the fulfillment of a specific action of users. It is also possible to promote products and services with the help of traffic arbitrage. Thanks to it, the user can buy native ads traffic and direct the user to a site where there will be a specific offer.

Brand Awareness

Increasing brand awareness is one of the most important tasks of " native advertising". Integrating advertising into quality content will help to attract increased user attention to the brand itself. Also, the use of natural advertising within the content gives the product or service a positive coloring.

Video Views

This is one of the most budget-friendly variants of " native advertising". It involves unobtrusive demonstration of product advantages in the plot of the video. This increases the audience's loyalty to brands, as the products are recommended by opinion leaders.

In this case, it is important to choose the optimal method of promotion: insertion, integration or review. The first option provides for the submission of material from the customer, which the blogger inserts into his content. The second option involves showing a product that the blogger uses himself. In the review, all the advantages of the product are indicated. Also, the product is still advertised because of the large number of views the blogger has.

Lead Generation

You can use native advertising to get leads. It does not require serious financial investment, but there are difficulties. Earlier, " native advertising" was the most effective way to get leads, but over time, the trust of the audience has decreased due to the large number of purchased posts.

In this approach, it is difficult to make predictions on the effectiveness of advertising. The more popular the blogger, the higher the cost of advertising. In some cases, the cost is record-breaking. For this purpose, bloggers must have certain knowledge and build a certain promotion strategy.

Social Media

Native advertising in social networks are paid advertising messages that are integrated as naturally as possible into the interface of the portal where they are placed. With their help, you can quickly increase brand awareness through social networks. It is quite easy to do, because it is almost impossible to overestimate the influence of social networks.

Visitor Targeting Options

Native advertising is impossible without targeting. All ads should be distinguished by specific parameters, which are called targeting points. Among them it is worth highlighting gender, age, education, geolocation and behavior. Targeting allows you to customize the " native advertising" to a specific audience in a particular place.

Geo Targeting

Geotargeting is a method that allows you to customize native advertising to specific regions. It can be set up in any advertising system. Using this method allows you to distribute native content to those countries in which the submission and promotion of a certain product is not prohibited.

Category Targeting

This method allows to customize the targeting of one's natives based on verticals and content on web pages. Once a specific product category is targeted, the shopper focuses on specific subcategories within the parent group on their own.

Browser Targeting

If necessary, everyone can customize the distribution of native advertising content to users of a particular browser. For example, if the audience uses Google Chrome, then in the settings you need to configure targeting in relation to this web browser.

Device Targeting

You can also distribute advertising content by targeting specific devices. This is easy to set up, the main thing is to select a specific variant of tablets, smartphones and computers in the targeting settings so that owners can receive certain advertising messages.

Domain Targeting

Native domain advertising campaign allows you to show ads in those mailboxes where messages from certain sites have arrived. To set up this campaign, you need to collect competitors' domains and add them as keywords. This will allow you to drive some traffic away from competing companies.

Supply Targeting

Adding reach to native advertising is an effective method that allows certain categories of users to receive specific content. Customers already have information prepared for them that will be of interest only to them based on location or behavioral factors.