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Buy Popunder Traffic Boost your site's traffic with our cutting-edge popunder ads TrafficStars:

Popunders are an essential part of modern online advertising campaigns. Use them to form your traffic pop up. 

Advertising ads as popunders are almost the same as automatic pop up windows in their principle of action. The non-standard arrangement helps make them more noticeable for visitors to online resources. 

It is necessary to cooperate with specialists to make Popunder Ads, which affects conversion rate, attracting new customers, retargeting, and bringing more profit. The experts of TrafficStars company will help you make your ads more successful and increase the profitability of your investments by increasing the number of customers interested in your product or service.

Working with TrafficStars experts, you can use popunder to achieve higher rates of attracting potential customers and return on investment.

What is a Popunder Ad?

Pop-up advertising messages that open in the full-screen mode of a neighboring window are called popunders. Their principle of operation is similar to regular pop-ups, but they are displayed not in the main window, but in the next one, and become visible only after deactivating the main page of the browser.  

According to the latest statistics, over 85% of website visitors do not notice the advertising information published in regular pop-ups. However, advertisers can expect only 15% of potential customers to respond to such ads.  

This problem is effectively solved by pop under - a new type of pop-up advertising, which significantly reduces the effect of "ad blindness". The advantages of the popunders are that they can attract even those users who are actively fighting pop-up ads with the help of particular extensions and applications. According to the latest data, more than a quarter of U.S. residents today use pop-up blockers when using the Internet. And if we talk about global statistics, this figure rises to 40%. 

Popunder Ads Examples

All pop-ups, including popunder ads, belong to pop under ads. Due to their popularity, pop-up ads play a huge role in conversions. Thus, the corresponding rate has reached about 3% worldwide by 2020. 

The main feature of popunder is that it appears outside the open window. When clicking on a link, the visitor of an online resource receives a new window on his screen. However, another one opens in a neighboring tab. Thus, pop-up content does not interfere with assimilating basic information while allowing you to familiarize yourself with the ad after closing the page of the viewed site. 

There are many types of popunder ads widely used by TrafficStars:

  • text messages;
  • video clips;
  • dynamic and static illustrations;
  • individual web pages, etc.
  • Trade ad exchange pop up are an effective advertising strategy for entirely different spheres of business. It is successfully used to advertise:
  • gambling and betting;
  • software;
  • traffic arbitrage;
  • mobile applications, etc. 

Due to better recognizability, Popunder Ads easily replace less effective banner products today. Suppose you need to interest more buyers of a product or service. In that case, visitors are directed to the advertiser's website through a redirect or a separate page equipped with a CTA button, thanks to popunder Ads. Such targeted resources attract customers and ensure they are subsequently ready to buy.    

Some of the best-known distributors of popunder advertising include:

TrafficStars - a cutting-edge company that is ready to offer you the best traffic;

Most popunder traffic is focused on specific territories.  

How to Advertise with Pops?

Advertising with popunders can deliver helpful information to consumers who are not in the mood to view annoying pop-ups. To reach such customers, the owner of the advertising campaign should adhere to the following principles:   

  1. Apply geographical reference. Each territory is characterized by individual features that affect the conversion rate. For example, the productivity of pop under advertising in many countries depends on when it is published.  
  2. Formulate a simple, achievable conversion plan. Its minimalism can lead to a greater effect, so considering geolocation, it is better to emphasize demos that are easier to sell.
  3. Generate an extensive landing page as much as possible. Targeted resources play an essential role in the case of popunders. Therefore, you should take care to load them quickly. 
  4. Apply popunder ad networks in a dosed manner. Showing ads in separate windows in a limited amount will not overload the user's attention. 
  5. Create only clear, concise invitations to action. Such appeals to the buyer should be unambiguously interpreted. 
  6. Do not include too many traffic filters at the start. A step-by-step method will be preferable in this case. 
  7. Favorably match the cost. The price per thousand demonstrations is more acceptable for long-term traffic. The cost per conversion is usually more favorable for more operational processes like installing programs.

The pop-up content the site visitor selects is commonly referred to as popular traffic. It includes the number of opens in each geolocation a particular advertiser uses. Thanks to such systematization, advertisers can convert popup traffic into a monetary equivalent and observe the dynamics of its value. 

Why you should use Popunders

According to a specialized portal dedicated to pop-up advertising, Popunder Ads today can fully compete with such types of advertising as banners, SEO, Google ads, e-mail newsletters, and messages on social networks. Such provision of advertising information contributes to the growth of the popularity of goods and services and increases the number of direct customers. Entrepreneurs have many reasons to use popunders in their promotional activities. These include:

  1. Significant conversion rate. Today, the CTR coefficients of Popunder Ads demonstrate significant superiority over those of banners. In addition, the unobtrusive nature of popunder Ads contributes to conversion growth.
  2. Low price and good return on investment. As mentioned above, the advantage of pop-under ads on CTR leads to a significant conversion rate. The situation tends to depend on various factors, which include price policies in different areas and countries. 
  3. Higher productivity compared to pop ad network. In particular, popunders demonstrate effectiveness far superior to banners. As practice shows, consumers notice the latter much less. At the same time, popunders are not intrusive and therefore deserve more attention.
  4. Increase in the number of customers. With the help of popunders, you can quickly acquire new leads in specific sectors. However, success will also be determined by factors such as location, price, and subscription options.
  5. More chances for affiliate projects. Besides increasing conversions, consumer reach, and return on investment, pop-up traffic leads to more opportunities for affiliate partnerships.

Creative popunder windows are an essential part of affiliate advertising. Regarding quality work, they will lead the advertising project to success.

How to Launch a Campaign

Advertising content, realized in pop-up windows, is characterized by unique content and advanced tools contributing to the accelerated promotion of goods or services. By choosing popunder ad network as the primary tool of advertising activity, you will be able to: 

  • form the most profitable, lucrative advertising with the most effective invitations to action; 
  • significantly expand the geography of your business by applying effective geotargeting; 
  • create unique popunders that help increase customer demand; 
  • conduct accurate testing of the advertising product to improve it;
  • quickly increase the recognition of your product and its popularity among consumers;
  • use the most successful methods and tools, including SOI or quick sales. 

To start your campaign using pop under traffic, you need to consider several important factors. These include: 

  1. Specifics of the buyer audience. The content offered by the popunder should fully meet the preferences of the buyer segment. 
  2. The name of the window and its graphics. The main thing is to make them highly interesting to the target audience. 
  3. Format and effectiveness of the recommendation. Formulating the call published in the advertisement as concisely as possible is necessary. It can be a favorable promotion, discount offer, or other interesting topic for visitors.
  4. The number of windows and the intensity of their display. You should not create too much content. Advertising should meet the needs of users without unnecessarily distracting their attention. 
  5. Results of detailed testing. Popup ad network should be thoroughly tested for performance. You should ensure its content is as helpful for the target audience as possible.   
  6. Compliance with laws and regulations. Your ads should not go against the current laws and ethical norms. 

In addition, an essential aspect of the effectiveness of pop ads network with the help of popunders is improving the structure of the landing page. When the customer, using the window, goes to your web resource, whether the page is suitable for further conversion will be very important.

Well, What About Targeting?   

The main aspect of any popunder advertising is targeting. It is necessary to identify the target audience and customize the advertising content to consider its interests and preferences to achieve success. Today, there are several main directions of targeting:

  • geographical - related to specific regions and countries;
  • demographic - focused on age, gender, social status, and other relevant characteristics of users;
  • by preferences - creating a pop under ads network, focusing on the intended interests and hobbies of the target audience;
  • by technology - development of materials oriented to specific devices: computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.;
  • retargeting - repeated demonstration of content to users who have previously shown interest in such advertising.   

All the directions mentioned above of targeting are widely used by TrafficStars specialists. They are designed to consider consumers' preferences, which is necessary to achieve the best results in popunder advertising.