TrafficStars Guidelines

1. Advertising Guidelines

a) The following is not allowed and/or forbidden

  • Any form of imitation of our network of Publisher Sites
  • Any banner or landing page elements that imitate parts of our network of Publisher Sites, including but not limited to:
        Thumb Sizes
        Deceptive Designs
        Website Elements
  • Any visual representation of sexual activities:
        By any persons, real or imaginary, under the age of 18 years
        Any content that displays a person portrayed under the age of 18 years and is engaged, or portrayed as engaged, in explicit sexual activities
  • Any campaigns displaying persons/performers who are, or look, underage
  • Any banners or popups/popunders that automatically play audio
  • The following is not allowed and/or forbidden on Landing Pages:
  • Any distribution of malwares such as JavaScript exploits but not limited to it. Campaigns with malicious JavaScript will be terminated without refund
  • (Campaigns will be blocked, Advertisers banned and refund requests will be invalid)
  • Any JavaScript code opening pop-ups on top of the active screen of the user:
        JS entry popups – not allowed on pop-up/pop-under ads
        JS exit popups – no more than 1
        JS exit popups – not allowed (not even 1) on pop-up/pop-under ads
        JS entry + exit popups – not allowed anywhere
  • Any JavaScript code causing mobile vibration activity is not allowed on landing pages or redirects.
  • Any redirects to pages with the following domains:
  • Any auto download products
  • Any sites that promote products that will enable users to download
  • Any automatic redirects to mobile marketplaces (App Store, Google Play, etc.)

b) Conditions

  • Mouse-over animation is allowed in non-animation spots; additional data that is above 300KB must be downloadable only upon mouse-overs
  • Jpg, gif banners (Time interval for image changing must be > 2 seconds)
  • All ads must link to a new window; all links must be target=”_blank”
  • Any of the following are subject to a review if they are affecting site or network performances:
        Campaign Banners
        Landing Pages
  • TrafficStars reserves the right to pause any ads that affect the network of Publisher sites, that we may consider negative, without need for prior notice
  • The following can be paused when they infringe on Intellectual Property, Copyright, Patent, and Trademark laws:
        Campaign banners
        Landing pages
  • Any imitation of the brand, color scheme, logo, and text of the following Specific Trademarks are not allowed on Campaign Ads or Landing Pages including but not limited to:
  • A user must be allowed the option of opting out of additional offers in any subscriptions to a product
  • TrafficStars clients can only have one active account, only specific members can hold multiple accounts; these members have been allowed to do so by TrafficStars management
  • Each landing page must open in a new browser window/tab
  • All ads are subject to an approval process; can be approved or rejected if judged inappropriate by TrafficStars support team

c) Conditions

    All ads that are defined as deceptive or misleading will be rejected. Specifically, but not limited to:

  • The context and concept of an ad must be related to the landing page
  • Flashing colors or blinking ads that have a high contrast in comparison to the site must not be used on animated ads
  • The ad must not contain any button that may appear to facilitate the ads closure
  • The following are misleading:
        Ads or banners that contain misleading exit boxes (close buttons such as an ‘x’ icon, ‘cancel’ or ‘skip ad’ buttons, etc. are not permitted)
        Ads or banners that display fake virus alerts
        Ads or banners that contain drop down menus or check boxes
        Ads or banners that imitate mobile phone elements
        Ads or banners that imitate Microsoft Windows elements
        Ads or banners that display fake calls/notifications
        Ads or banners that ask disclaimer questions, such as “are you 18+?”
        Ads or banners that mimic fake video players
  • Misleading ad elements mimicking “play video” buttons are not allowed on interstitial and on-pause ad spots (on other ad spots, play button (animated or not) with content (animated or not) is acceptable)
  • Any of the following text in any language is not under any circumstances permitted on ads or banners:

d) Young Model or Imitation of Underage Person

  • Ads, landing pages, and member areas must be 2257 compliant
  • Valid 2257s and ID must be provided upon request for models and actors/actresses
  • TrafficStars has the right to refuse an ad, regardless of 2257’s and ID’s provided if we still feel it negatively affects the user experience across our Network of Publisher sites
  • Child pornography is strictly prohibited

e) Pharmaceuticals

  • Ad banners may have branded pharmaceutical names (i.e. “Viagra”, “Cialis”) and resemble the branded pill’s shape; however, there must be the word *Generic* or a phrase *Better than Viagra* or *Just like Viagra* visibly stated on the banner
  • Landing Pages must contain the phrase “Consult your doctor.”

f) Cartoon Ads

  • The use of Disney characters is not permitted
  • Underage characters are strictly prohibited (i.e. underage or young Bart, Little Lisa Simpson, and Baby Maggie, etc.)
  • Characters must appear of legal age
  • Incest is strictly prohibited
  • Beastiality is strictly prohibited

g) Substances

  • Any promotion of Alcohol, Drugs, or any related paraphernalia is not permitted
  • Images of Alcohol, Drugs, or any related paraphernalia are not permitted

h) Acts that are strictly prohibited

  • Abuse
  • Beastiality
  • Blood
  • Crying
  • Drugs
  • Extreme Violence
  • Incest
  • Rape
  • Scatophilia
  • Torture
  • Urination

i) Specific rules applied to other categories than Adult

    • Campaign material containing the following acts / content are not permitted:
          Sexual or suggestive texts
          Exposure of nude breasts
          Pubic hair
          Position / suggestive touching
          Any objects that may be related to sex
          For men, any erection, even hidden by underwear should not be visible
    • If TrafficStars determines that the Advertiser’s Campaign(s) includes any forbidden content or activities, TrafficStars may close the Advertiser’s account without prior notification. In such cases, Advertisers shall not be entitled to the refunds of the balance remaining on their TrafficStars account.

    2. Publishing Guidelines

    a) General rules

    • Publisher’s Websites and content must be at all times compliant with any applicable Personal Data Protection and Privacy laws and regulation, and shall not violate any law, regulation, rule or custom or violate, infringe or misappropriate any person’s or entity’s rights, including without limitation any property or privacy rights, including intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, Patents, trademark rights or rights in name or likeness
    • Websites do not make any reference to illicit practices or contain pornographic content staging minors or animals in inappropriate adult or sexual situations, including images, written content, or animations

    b) Website cannot promote

    • Sales or promotion of Alcohol, Drugs, or any related paraphernalia
    • Extreme violence, Abuse, Incest, Rape, Torture, Blood, Scatophilia, Urination, Bestiality
    • Sales or promotion of weapons or ammunition (e.g., firearms, fighting knives, stun guns)
    • Hacking/cracking content
    • Incentive ads are not permitted (Paid To Click, Paid to Read, etc…) Content regarding programs which compensate users for clicking on ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites, or reading Emails
    • The use of any tools that artificially generate impressions or clicks are not permitted (including auto refreshing the ads)
    • Websites that are under construction or incomplete are not allowed
    • Website with too limited content not offering any added value to users
    • Websites with too many ads are not allowed
    • Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on obscenity laws, the criminal code

    c) Publishers participating in the TrafficStars MarketPlace

    • May not encourage users to click the ads by using phrases such as “click the ads,” “support us,” “visit these links,” etc.
    • May not direct user attention to the ads via arrows or other graphical gimmicks
    • May not place misleading images alongside individual ads
    • May not promote sites displaying ads through unsolicited mass Emails or unwanted advertisements on third-party websites
    • May not compensate users for viewing ads or performing searches, or promise compensation to a third party for such behavior
    • May not spread any kind of malwares to their users
    • TrafficStars regularly checks Publisher Website(s). If TrafficStars determines that the Publisher’s Website(s) includes any forbidden content or activities, TrafficStars may close the Publisher’s account without prior notification. In such cases, Publishers shall not be entitled to the payment of the revenue remaining on their TrafficStars account.

Website approval or denial remains at TrafficStars’ sole discretion. 

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