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Do's and Don'ts of Affiliate Marketing

DO's :

DO change banners often.

DO test different landing pages.

DO test various GEOs.

DO A/B test - test different combinations of images, headlines and brand names (for native and push), landing pages.

DO use images that match the landing page and the offer.

DO test several verticals, don't stick just with one.

DO split test the same offer from at least 2 affiliate networks.

DO go for quality leads at the beginning so you can get pay bumps.

DO use tracking tool and S2S .

DO use dynamic parameters provided by networks.

DO optimize via ad spot.

DO use frequency capping - don’t overload users with same creative. Set frequency capping 1 if you use multiple creatives (at least 4-5), or 2-3 if you use less than 4 creatives.

DO test different traffic types – various banner sizes, popunders, native ads, push ...

DO use emojis and macros for native ads and push notifications.

DO optimize LP loading speeds below 500ms, especially in mobile.

DO compile a blacklist in case you buy RON traffic.

DO create a whitelist with the top performing ad spots

DO test Tier 2 and Tier 3 GEOs.

DO get proper translations for your landing pages, banners and texts.

DO use prelanders

DO get accounts at all the major traffic sources.

DO build trust with your networks, both traffic and affiliate.

DO expect to face huge competition and loose money at first.

DO test high vs low bids. High bids usually bring better traffic.

DO use CPM bidding instead of CPC wherever possible.

DO use dynamic CPM.

DO create separate campaigns for different sites. There is enough large sites in so it is a good idea to approach them separately.

DO know your competitors.


DON'T expect to make money if you don't invest. Get a good server, get a CDN, get good tracking tool.

DON'T mix mobile/tablet/desktop traffic. Make separate campaigns for each.

DON'T mix wifi and carrier traffic – bids will be very different.

DON'T send carrier traffic to dating offers, there is better use for it.

DON'T ask for pay bumps after 10 leads.

DON'T expect to make money if you just copy everything.

DON'T make premature decisions, wait for significant data samples.

DON'T buy RON in large networks if you have no experience, especially in large GEOs.

DON'T be afraid to test a lot, sometimes you need to swap dozens of banners to find one that works.

DON'T be sad when you get kicked from an offer, this happens all the time even to the pros.

DON'T think all networks have the same traffic quality. You need to test them all at some point.

DON'T think higher payouts per lead mean more profit for you, sometimes the low paying ones convert X-times better.

DON'T push saturated offers, search for new ones.

DON'T run in all GEOs, pick 2-3 that suit you best and focus on those.

DON'T mix several GEOs in one campaign - it's harder to optimize that way.

DON'T use fixed bids if you can use dynamic bidding.

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