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TrafficStars team FAQ

How does the flagging system work?

Our powerful, proprietary ad serving technology allows publishers to choose which ads they  wish to show on their websites and easily block non compliant ads. 

Our compliance team apply certain “flags” to ads, depending on what types of creatives they are. Publishers choose which flags they permit and our system automatically allows creatives to show only on the sites that authorise the flags which have been applied to the ad.

When a campaign has been flagged for a specific vertical and there are listed websites under that flag, that campaign will not be receiving traffic from that website(s). 

When a campaign is flagged, you can check what is the reason of the flag and which ad spots it affects by clicking on the blue flag next to each banner/URL in the Ads tab. 

If there is a flag, you will not be receiving traffic on that specific banner/URL from the listed ad spots, but you will still receive traffic from all the other selected ad spots.

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