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TrafficStars team FAQ

Native Ads Guidelines


  • Native ads: an online publication that resembles the site's editorial content but is paid by an advertiser and intended to promote a product/service or site.

  • Widget: frame containing 1 or several native campaigns.

  • Thumbnail: image displayed in the campaign.

  • Headline: main text displayed in the campaign to promote a product/service or site.

  • Brand name: brand of the product/service or site promoted.

Technical recommendations:

  • Thumbnails should be cubes and size must have a maximum width of 1500px and a maximum length of 1500px, ideally following a 4:3 ratio.

  • Headlines must be 80 characters maximum.

  • Brand name must be 30 characters maximum.


  • Thumbnails must not be misleading.

Campaign may not use any digitally retouched images; images with a fake "play" button (where there is no video capability); or navigational buttons (download, closing button) that do not lead to a place where users would reasonably expect them to lead.

  • Thumbnails must not be of poor quality, stretched, blurry or pixelated.

  • Thumbnails must accurately reflect the subject of the landing page.

  • Thumbnails must not contain any text.

  • Thumbnails must not be animated.

  • Thumbnails must not contain any border or partial border.

  • Thumbnails must fill the entire space allotted for creative (no white space along any sides)

  • Thumbnails must not contain gruesome or disgusting imagery.


  • Headlines must use proper grammar and punctuation.

  • Headlines must not be misleading and must accurately reflect the subject of the landing page.

Brand Names:

  • Brand names text must accurately reflect the source of the content.

  • Brand names must not be misleading and must use the name or URL of the page promoted or the product/service promoted.

  • Brand names must use proper grammar and punctuation.

  • Brand names must not contain repeated punctuation or symbols.

  • Brand names must not use any emojis.

More generally speaking, all advertisements and other third-party content on the landing page must comply with all TrafficStars Advertising Guidelines.

For Publishers

Recommended uses:

Publishers must at all times clearly and conspicuously disclose to users that the content to which they are linked through the TrafficStars widget is:

  • 3rd party content from the web, not the publisher’s own editorial content.

  • that the third party has paid to have its content placed there.  

In case of breach of TrafficStars Native Ads or TrafficStars General Publishing Guidelines:

  • Ad denial: Ads that don't follow our Guidelines may get denied. A denied ad may generate revenues but the amount will be subtracted from the next payout of the Publisher.

  • Domain disabling: We may suspend websites that violate our Guidelines, meaning that the website can no longer be monetized with TrafficStars Native Ads or any other type of ads until the problem is fixed.

  • Account suspension/closure: An account may get suspended or closed if a Publisher has several violations or one serious violation. If this happens, all ads in the suspended account may keep on generated revenues but won't be paid to the Publisher, and TrafficStars may no longer accept traffic from Publisher. Any related accounts may also get permanently suspended and new accounts may get automatically suspended at setup. All unpaid revenues / remaining payouts on the Publisher balance will also be withheld as compensation by TrafficStars.

Recommended widget formats:

  • Below content/video

  • Desktop: 4x2 or 5x2 (as in 3 columns and 2 rows)

  • Tablet: 3x2 or 4x2

  • Mobile: 2x3 or 1x4

  • Right side bar (NTV)

  • Desktop: 1x2 or 1x3

  • Tablet: 1x2

  • Mobile: not recommended

  • Above content/video:

  • Desktop: 4x1 or 5x1

  • Tablet: 4x1

  • Phone: 2x1 or 1x1

If several widgets are displayed within the same page, TrafficStars recommends to use different titles such as:

  • Today’s trend

  • Users also viewed/likes

  • also recommend

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