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Post-View Pixel Tracking

Post-view conversions refers to actions on a website that occurred some time after the user saw the ad. This tool shows only the target actions specified in the campaign settings. For example, a registration, subscription or deposit. Clicks are not taken into consideration in the post-view conversions report. 

What is the difference between Post-View conversions and traditional conversions?

In a normal conversion, the customer takes a targeted action immediately, such as clicking on an online ad banner. In the case of a post-view conversion, however, the customer does not contact the company right away. But despite this delay, what they see still has an impact on their behavior.

Example of Post-View Targeting

Let's imagine a typical interaction of a potential client with an ad: 

1. They see a banner that attracts them;

2. They memorize the name of the brand and the essence of the offer; 

3. They don’t contact the company immediately.

Why don't they take action right away? There may be several reasons:

1. They don’t want it at this moment:

  1. They interact with your competitors;

  2. They don’t trust you yet;

  3. They are not interested in what you offer yet.

2. They can’t take action at this moment:

  1.  They need more time to make a decision.

3. The ad doesn’t aim at direct sales (more like a brand awareness ad)

So, let's say a customer decides to reach out to you in the next quarter. Probably, they are now more interested in the service, or decide to get to know you better, or want to compare your offers with those of your competitors. It's also possible that they saw your advertisement again (maybe a different one). As a result, the same client visits your site, but now through a different source — contextual advertising, search, a brand request, a publication on Telegram, or an influencer video on YouTube. That is exactly what we call Post-View Conversions.

What is the importance of Post-View Retargeting?

Let's say once again that a customer sees an ad, then later returns through another channel and takes action (like signs up, or makes a deposit). Without post-view tracking, marketing analytics only attribute this success to the last channel, ignoring the initial ad. This means that the true impact of advertising can be misunderstood and undervalued:

  1. Customers may not immediately respond to an ad but can be influenced by it to take action later through different channels.

  2. Traditional attribution models (like last click or first click) fail to account for the initial impact of media ads, leading to incomplete or inaccurate marketing analytics.

  3. As a result, marketers might wrongly assume that only the final channel is used by the customer. This misinterpretation can lead to poor budget decisions, potentially cutting off valuable advertising channels that contribute to lead generation and sales.

Proper analysis is needed to understand the true effectiveness of advertising, ensuring that marketing efforts and budgets are optimized effectively.

Who needs Post-View Targeting?

Two types of companies benefit from this type of analytics:

  1. Businesses with a long decision-making cycle, where clients have extended interactions with advertising before making a purchase.

  2. Businesses that use image and outreach advertising to boost brand recognition, rather than focusing solely on immediate sales.

Does TrafficStars provide Post-View Targeting?

Yes, of course! TrafficStars does offer post-view analytics for advertising campaigns. All you need to do is:

  1. Provide Your Pixel Link: Contact our support team through live chat, text at, or our Telegram chatbot to share your pixel link with the necessary macro information.

  2. Setup: Once you provide the pixel link, we will set it up on our end. Cookies will be placed for users who view the advertisement on the website.

  3. Tracking: When a user visits a specific page on your website (e.g., the registration page), your server will request these cookies. This will help you identify if the user visited the platform after seeing an advertisement on the website.

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