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What is CPM?


CPM stands for Cost per mille, also known as Cost per 1000 impressions.

Under this model, an advertiser pays for every 1000 ad impressions.

It’s the most common pricing model in digital advertising.

This model is available for all ad formats in TrafficStars.

How to create CPM campaign?

  1. Start to create ad campaign as usual.

  2. Select any ad format and targeting options.

  3. Select CPM pricing model and specify your price.

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🔰 What is Dynamic CPM?

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LOWEST. You'll get traffic at the lowest price, but you'll not cover all ad spots.

MINIMUM. At this price you'll cover all ad spots. But in most cases you need to bid higher to win the auction.

RECOMMENDED. As the name suggests, this is the optimal option for most advertisers. The recommended bid depends on auction competition.

PREMIUM. Choose this option to be sure you will overbid all competitors.

💡 Keep in mind that the Lowest price doesn't include all ad spots, so makes sense to start with Recommended bid.

💡 Don't set your CPM too high, if you've chosen broad targeting, since your budget can be spent within minutes.

💡 We recommend creating 1 campaign per 1 GEO (or region, for example DACH).

💡 If you have chosen a narrow target (for example, mobile traffic from certain IP addresses), then it makes sense to set a higher CPM in order to overbid competitors.

💡 The lowest CPM starts at $0.001. Here you can find our minimum CPM rates.

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