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Push ads

You can choose the push ad format: classic push or in-page.

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Classic push

Push Notification consists of 4 elements:

  1. Icon

  2. Image

  3. Title

  4. Body

Here is an example of how it looks like on a mobile phone. However, the look of classic push notifications can differ depending on the user's browser and operating system. You can find more Push layouts below.

undefinedClassic push notifications photo 1

Frequency capping – You can choose a maximum number of times you want your ad displayed to a single person within 24 hours.

Auto-Translation  we support translation of Headlines from English into 20 languages. It does not work with macros.

Priority  this is a system used to influence which ad gets shown to a viewer. It's not a strict order of appearance, but rather a way to assign weights to different ad creatives in your campaign.

Technical details

  • Icon – up to 192x192 and 4MB
  • Image – up to 360x240 and 4MB
  • Image format – JPG, PNG
  • Title – 30 symbols maximum
  • Body – 80 symbols maximum

Classic Push layouts

The appearance of classic push notifications varies by browser and operating system.

Chrome Windows

Classic push notifications photo 2

Chrome Windows 10

Classic push notifications photo 3

Chrome Android

Classic push notifications photo 4

Chrome Mac

Classic push notifications photo 5

Firefox Mac

Classic push notifications photo 6

Firefox Windows

Classic push notifications photo 7

In-page push

Upload an icon, then type in your Title, Body and paste a required link to your landing page.

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Technical recommendations

  • Icon size – 192x192 px

  • Image size – 360x240 px

  • The maximum title size – 30 characters

  • The maximum title size – 80 characters

  • Format – JPG, PNG. Without animation.

Custom design

We have unique designs for top verticals such as Dating, Webcams, Gambling & VPN, which drive higher user interest and engagement.

💡 These skins will be used automatically.

In-Page push advertiser guide photo 1

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