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TrafficStars is a self serve proprietary ad network which was developed to provide technical and marketing solutions to advertisers and publishers worldwide.

ADVERTISERS Reach millions of users daily!

Sell more at a better price. TrafficStars cuts all intermediaries to provide a cost effective ad network including lower prices,better targeting options and a simpler interface to manage all your campaigns.


  • Reach millions of mobile & desktop users
  • Behavioral retargeting
  • Exclusive inventory
  • Efficient targeting


  • Cost effective ad formats
  • Split testing capabilities
  • Track sales and ROI
  • Real time statistics


  • CPC or CPM based campaigns
  • Sophisticated eCPM algorithm
  • Real time bidding system
  • User friendly platform

PUBLISHERS Maximize the value of your inventory!

TrafficStars was built by publishers for publishers and we will take care of your traffic inventory like it was ours! We focus on ad safety, direct partnerships with Advertisers and great performing ads. We know how to reach optimum revenues while ensuring the best user experience on your site.


  • On Time Payments Choose from Paypal, Paxum or Wire Transfer
  • 100% Fill-rate 1 ad tag monetizes all your traffic, worldwide
  • Precise Targeting The most profitable ads are displayed in real time
  • High Ad Quality Secured campaigns and SSL certification will keep your business safe
  • Geographical Data Reports Advanced stats per country updated in real time


  • Display Choose from various banners sizes for web and mobile
  • Pop-Under Increase your revenues with safe pop-under campaigns
  • Instant Message Find new ways to monetize your inventory with pop-ups
  • Apps Special formats designed for Apps
  • Custom Formats Available upon request


  • Program Owners
  • Affiliates
  • Developers
  • Media Agencies
  • Prime Publishers
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile
  • Program Owners
  • Affiliates
  • Developers
  • Media Agencies
  • Prime Publishers
  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile

Who we are

We are a team of experts sharing over 10 years of experience in the online advertising industry. We were webmasters, affiliates and program owners and we’ve been managing billions of users over the last decade. We know about traffic and we decided to use our knowledge to drive innovation and build our own ad network. Our common objective was to create a system providing effective solutions to publishers, advertisers, developers and marketers.

What we do

We started with a blank page to create We studied all available technologies and mixed the best features from each one to develop our own system from scratch. User experience was placed in the center of our problematic. We wanted to make it powerful, secure, flexible and easy to use so everyone can benefit from our technology: from beginners to media buying experts.


Check out our knowledge base . You will find the answer you’re looking for. If not, please contact our international support team.

  • is an exclusive ad network managing ad spots from highly trafficked tube sites. Our proprietary easy to use ad serving technology works with a bidding system where advertisers compete against one another to buy traffic.

  • Absolutely. We welcome anyone looking to buy or to sell internet traffic. Program owners, agencies or affiliates as long as you follow our terms and conditions.

  • You can sign up right away by clicking here. Please click here to open an account. Make sure you fill in the form completely. Fields left blank may block the sign up process. If it carries on, please contact us

  • Yes it’s totally free to open an account on TrafficStars.

  • As soon as we’ve gone through the account verification process, your account is switched to « verified » and you can start buying traffic from us. The verification process may take a few days to be completed.

  • TrafficStars is simply one of the biggest ad networks in the world delivering over 1 billion ad impressions every day. You can buy everything you want from RON campaigns to high targeted ad impressions. We cover all countries, all devices.

  • TrafficStars is first and foremost a self service platform. We got inspired by some of the leading ad serving platform in the world to develop an easy to use interface so you can create, manage and optimize your campaigns on your own.

  • Pop under, interstitial, standard IAB banners in 300x250, 729x90, 300x600, 300x100 and also custom formats in 315x300 or 945x100.

  • Country targeting, language targeting, day parting, device, OS, ISP, carrier targeting, browser detection and behavioral retargeting.

  • We give the possibility to use iframes to trusted partners who have proven a solid track record of running acceptable ads. You can start with gif and jpeg.

  • Explain targeting tools and tracking options

  • This option is also reserved to trusted partners who are also product owners.

  • Contrary to most ad networks, TrafficStars allows advertisers to use several landing pages for the same banner and to configure the percentage of traffic going to each lander. This way, you can split test the performances of your marketing easily without using external tracking software (and pay for it).

  • For the moment, TrafficStars is not yet open to publishers. But you can contact us to be among the first to beta-test TrafficStars for publishers.