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In-Page push advertiser guide

In-Page push advertiser guide

In-Page Push is a web adaption of the Classic Push ad format. It looks like a web push notification, but technically different.

  • No need for a pre-collected user base

    Unlike Classic Push notifications, there is no need to opt-in for In-Page Push notifications.

  • Works on all browsers and platforms

    It works on all browsers and platforms, including iOS.

  • Custom design

    We have unique designs for top verticals such as Dating, Webcams, Gambling & VPN, which drive higher user interest and engagement. These skins will be used automatically.

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How to create a campaign?

  1. Click Create Campaign.

  2. Pick the Push ad format.

  3. Choose the Push format option - In-Page Push.

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4. Set up targeting options.

5. Go to the Ads tab. Upload an icon, then type in your Title, Body and paste a required link to your landing page.

6. Save campaign.

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Technical recommendations

  • Icon size 192x192 px.

  • Banner size 360x240 px.

  • The maximum title size is 30 characters.

  • The maximum title size is 80 characters.

  • Format: jpg, png. Without animation.

Compliance requirements

Text and images must accurately reflect the subject of the landing page.


  • Images and icons must not be misleading, for example:

    • a fake play button

    • navigational buttons (download, closing button, etc.)

Images must not:

  • be stretched or pixelated;

  • contain any text;

  • be animated;

  • contain any border or partial border;

  • contain offensive, gruesome or disgusting imagery.

It is forbidden to use in the text:


  • misleading information;

  • repetitive punctuation marks or symbols;

  • offensive or disgusting text.

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