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In-Page Push Notifications

In-Page Push Notifications

We are happy to announce a new ad format available for all Publishers!

Similar to classic push ads, In-Page Push is a web adaption of a well-known ad format with no need to collect the database, it works on all browsers and platforms including iOS.

What's important for you

Run in new Custom design driving higher CTR

Thanks to our new unique designs for top verticals such as Dating, Webcams, Gambling and VPN , In-Page Push by TrafficStars drives higher user interest and delivers more legit clicks.

Activate new interactive push designs. If selected in the menu, custom designs will be shown if the ad matches the verticals. If the ad is from another vertical then the classic design will be shown.

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Set Rules

As for all other spots, you can set up rules based on verticals & compliance flags. Keep in mind, the more rules you restrict, the more campaigns you are limiting from buying your traffic.

Control time

Set custom delay from the first-page load and the lifetime of a cookie in minutes.

Our aim is to deliver high-quality impressions to advertisers to provide you with higher rates, so only 1 push notification per page is available.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your publishing account manager or drop us an email at

If you are an Advertiser and you want to launch an In-Page Push campaign check out our guide here.

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