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Our client has shared with us his inspirational successful story. He achieved ROI 95% running a dating affiliate offer using native ads. I think you’ll get something useful from this case study. Now let's move on to the details.

Opinion and data belong to the author of this case.


  • CPA Network: Advidi
  • Offer: OurSecretFlirts
  • Traffic source: TrafficStars
  • Ad format: Native Ads
  • GEO: USA
  • Period: 23/10/2022 - 11/12/2022
  • Costs: $604
  • Profit: $1183
  • ROI: 95%

I'm not an affiliate marketer with a decade of experience, but I have something to share with other affiliates. In this case I’ve tested a dating offer with native ads, let’s roll!


Dating is an evergreen vertical that shows a stable performance in any season, since people never stop dating. Dating and other niches were thriving even during pandemic. The US market is one of the largest in the world. There are hundreds of dating websites, apps and dating affiliate programs.

I have been working with the Advidi CPA network for a long time. So I decided to promote one of their offers - OurSecretFlirts. This is a DOI (Double Opt-In) offer with a $2.63 payout for each lead. It means that you get paid for each user who left and verified his e-mail. This is the most popular payout model and the easiest conversion flow for users after the SOI (Single Opt-In) model.


Running dating offers on Facebook or GoogleAds requires certain skills, since moderators ban adult and sexually explicit content. Therefore ad networks like TrafficStars come into play. Even a person with no experience in affiliate marketing can handle this self-serve platform.

I have had experience with several ad networks. TrafficStars is in my top list. One of the reasons is that you buy traffic that converts. No bots, only real users. My case is proof of that.


In this ad campaign, I targeted mobile devices for the US. I bought traffic on CPM. My average CPM was $0.025. You can raise your bid to get more traffic. My advice: start with a $10 daily budget and a recommended CPM to test a new offer.

💡 Don't forget to set daily spending limits as the amount of traffic is huge.

The first week I spent $70 and got 28 conversions. This showed me that this offer works and the campaign needs to be optimized.

I changed ad creatives and added low-quality sources to the blacklist.

💡 Set up frequency capping to reach more unique users within the allocated budget.

💡 Insert a macro parameter {city} to replace a common text and show user's city name.


I tested about 30 ad creatives. These 6 showed the best CTR: on average 0.1%


Every week I changed creatives and continued to work on optimizing the campaign. So after 4 weeks I achieved ROI 150%.


By the end of week 7, the conversion had dropped so much that I decided to stop the campaign.

As a result I’ve got 450 conversions and made $579 net profit. Not a huge profit, but not bad either!

Here are my stats from the affiliate network:


To sum up: affiliate marketing is all about testing and optimizing. I hope this case will inspire you to kick off your affiliate marketing journey. Don’t be afraid to start, be afraid not to try.

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