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We’ve said it before: Native Advertising is one of the big advertising trends in 2018 and you can’t miss it! To help you on this task, we’ve prepared a Video Tutorial explaining how to add native ads to your website.

Since [launching Native Ads] ( this year, we’ve grown our inventory exponentially and became the [biggest Native Ad network in the industry] ( We’ve also prepared a guide explaining [everything you need to know about native ads and how to add them to your website] ( If you haven’t downloaded it your copy yet, don’t waste another minute!

In this guide you’ll find: an overview of Native Ads and their benefits, a step-by-step tutorial to creating your first Native Ad campaign and best practices to writing converting headlines and choosing the best images for your ad.

But why are Native Ads on the rise?

  • Native ads are estimated to drive 74% of all ad revenue by 2021.
  • Native ads are completely aligned with the standards enforced by [The Coalition for Better Ads] (
  • Native ads are considered the safest and least intrusive ad format you can add on your website.

Ready to go Native? Watch our tutorial here: