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Absolutely, agree that boosting your OnlyFans following can be quite a challenge, especially for newly established accounts. The best way to promote OnlyFans often involves leveraging paid advertising as a primary marketing strategy. This approach boasts numerous advantages, including measurability, instant results, and cost-effectiveness. At TrafficStars, we simplify the process for you. Discover how to promote OnlyFans effectively by setting up a targeted ad campaign through our user-friendly self-serve platform, even if you have minimal experience in media buying. With extensive targeting options, diverse ad formats, and the support of dedicated account managers, you can boost OnlyFans engagement and maximize the impact of your promotional efforts. So, without further delay, let's delve into the details of optimizing your OnlyFans promotion for optimal results.

Which ad format to choose?

We recommend starting with banners and native ads. According to our experience, these ad formats show the highest performance for Onlyfans ads. Our clients have stated that OnlyFans ads have delivered excellent results with a 200% - 900% ROI.

See how Native ads look on our site.


Here is an example of a banner size of 300x250.


How to launch OnlyFans Ads in TrafficStars

Let’s start from scratch. Sign up in TrafficStars and create a campaign.

For example, select banner ads.


There are 6 banner sizes, as you can see. Learn more about our banner sizes and ads tips here.


Select required targeting options, like country, language, device, etc.


We recommend you create separate campaigns for each traffic type: RON, Prime and Members area.

Also, you can target separate sites and ad spots. For example, xHamster, our exclusive publisher with a huge traffic volume. Select whitelist and type 30, 12 to add xHamster to the whitelist. So your ads will be shown only on this site.


Next, select the pricing model: CPM, CPC, or CPA. Then type the price you’re willing to pay.

Recommended bidding model CPM CPC CPA price.png

In the last step, add your ad creative and promoted link.


Save the campaign and wait for moderation. Once the campaign is approved, your ad will start showing.

What’s the price?

The cost of advertising depends on the ad format, country and competition. When choosing a price (bid), be guided by the Recommended price while creating a campaign. For example, if the cost of 1000 impressions is $0.02, you will get 1 Million impressions for $20.

How to analyze your ad campaigns performance?

Since OnlyFans doesn’t allow tracking users and deposits directly through TrafficStars. Then you have to parse data manually. Compare the levels of gaining new followers before launching the campaign in TrafficStars and after. This way, you will gain insights into the number of subscribers directly from the ad campaign. Analyze the stats after at least one week of the campaign running so that the statistics are the most complete.

In addition to new followers, users' money is undoubtedly important. Check the ad's performance by calculating the return on investments. Here is the formula:

ROI = (Revenue - Ad spend) / Ad spend.

For example, you earned $500 while you spent $300 on ads. In this case, the ROI = ((600 - 350) / 350 ) x100 = 71,43%. If the ROI is positive, it makes sense to keep campaigns running.

TrafficStars advantages

  • Worldwide coverage. Reach users worldwide across 200+ countries.
  • High traffic volume. Over 5 Billion impressions daily.
  • Granular targeting. Through 12 targeting options, you'll reach your target audience.
  • Premium traffic. You can target our premium sources and get high-quality traffic.
  • CPMv model. You pay only for creatives that users see. CPMv model exclusively available for Native ads.
  • Optimizer. Put your campaigns on auto-pilot using our in-house optimization tool.

To sum up

Running paid advertising is a great opportunity to boost your OnlyFans account quickly. You can reach the right audience, grow your fan base and generate more revenue.

You can get started in a few minutes. Register as an advertiser, top up your account ($100 minimum), and create your first ad campaign! Both content creators and agencies can use our platform to launch ads.

If you need to become more familiar with advertising techniques, our dedicated managers will help you!

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