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What is Native Advertising?

Native advertising seamlessly integrates promotional content into the user experience, ensuring it feels organic and non-disruptive. Unlike traditional display ads, Native ads blend in with the surrounding content, enhancing engagement and driving better results. On TrafficStars, Native advertising offers a unique opportunity to reach target audiences effectively.

A Native ad block consists of the following elements: Thumbnail, Headline, and Brand name. In terms of technical recommendations: Thumbnails should be cubes, with a maximum width and length of 1500px, ideally following a 4:3 ratio. Headlines must not exceed 80 characters. Brand names should be limited to 30 characters maximum.

Where is it located?

Native advertising allows publishers to position them seamlessly within their website's layout. Typically comprising 4-5 thumbnails on desktop or 1-2 on mobile, these spots can be strategically placed alongside or within the main content. Often labeled with a header such as "Recommended," these spots blend in harmoniously with the surrounding content, enhancing user experience while also providing valuable opportunities for advertisers to reach their target audience in a non-intrusive manner.

Examples of Native Advertising in TrafficStars

For successful advertising, it is crucial to create high-quality creatives that will attract the attention of website visitors. That's why we have compiled several Native advertising examples that we hope will assist you in this. Also included are examples of what not to do.

Do's ✅

1. Craft engaging headlines that pique curiosity without resorting to clickbait.

Example: The slot's secret was unveiled! 🤑 Learn more about cracking the code.

2. Utilize blog stories to warm up your audience. Implement pre-landing pages with relevant content to further engage and nurture leads through the conversion funnel. For example:

Example:  Lucky Break! $5 Bet Turns into Life-Changing Win

3. Using Macroses and Emojis.

Example:  💕 Hot Girls In {city} 100% free. Signup Now!

4. Clear call-to-action (CTA) that encourages user interaction.

Example:  2 days access only $1. Join now!

Don'ts ❌

  • Content that contradicts the platform's guidelines
  • Misleading (various buttons)
  • Low-resolution images
  • Retouched Images
  • Celebrity pictures
  • Images with texts
  • Brand imitation
  • Capital letters
  • Excessive punctuation.

🔷 We accept some of the examples described above, like retouched images and capital letters, but they will be flagged. This means that it does not meet the publisher's requirements and will not be displayed on their site.

🔷 Double-check your URL. In case your ad leads to a site that doesn't match it, the ad will be rejected.

Native advertising examples epitomize a strategic approach for brands seeking to establish deeper connections with their target audience, offering a plethora of advantages. By seamlessly integrating into the user experience, native ads ensure a non-disruptive encounter, thereby elevating overall user satisfaction through the delivery of pertinent and valuable content.

Moreover, by harmonizing with the platform's Native content, such as sponsored stories on social media or promoted articles on news websites, these Native advertising examples not only capture attention organically but also foster higher engagement rates, fostering a sense of trust and credibility.

Leveraging precise targeting and personalization, brands can tailor content to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, thereby amplifying the likelihood of conversions and maximizing return on investment. In essence, Native advertising not only augments the user experience and enhances brand engagement but also fortifies credibility, trust, and efficacy in the advertising realm.

The Most Popular Verticals in TrafficStars

Native advertising on TrafficStars thrives across a spectrum of verticals, including but not limited to:

Native Ads Case Studies

💙 ​​Native Ads and Affiliate Dating Offers in Germany

This case study not only showcases the implementation of native ads to promote affiliate dating offers in Germany but also provides insights into the author's best ad creatives and tips. With a total expenditure of $1486, the campaign yielded a substantial profit of $1953.5, achieving a decent ROI of 31%. The success of this campaign not only highlights the effectiveness of Native ads but also underscores the importance of separating campaigns by devices.

🎮 Passive Earning Strategies: Leveraging Gaming Affiliate Programs

This case study delves into the realm of passive income generation through gaming affiliate programs. By strategically utilizing Native ads, the campaign incurred a total expenditure of $4768 while yielding a profit of $5626. With a net profit of $858 and an ROI of 18%, this approach demonstrates the potential for individuals to earn $1000 per month passively by tapping into lucrative gaming affiliate programs. Additionally, this case shows how to set up ads on CPA model and leverage the Optimizer for auto-optimization. These features save a lot of time and streamline the process of maximizing returns from gaming affiliate programs.

Pricing Models & Cost of Native Advertising

TrafficStars offers flexible pricing options for Native advertising campaigns, including CPC, CPA and CPMv. The last one is exclusively available for Native ads. With CPMv, advertisers only pay for impressions where at least 30% of the Native ad is visible, guaranteeing that a message reaches engaged audiences. Advertisers can choose the pricing model that best aligns with their campaign objectives and budget constraints, ensuring optimal ROI.

Prices start at $0.001 per 1000 impressions which makes this ad format the most cost-effective. So you can get 1 Million impressions just for $1! Of course, the actual price depends on several parameters: region, ad spot, and competition on the selected targeting. Start creating a campaign to see the recommended bid.

The Volume of Traffic

With a vast network of publishers and websites, TrafficStars provides access to a substantial volume of high-quality traffic across various niches and regions: in total, over 2 billion impressions per day. Advertisers can tap into this extensive reach to maximize their campaign's exposure and effectiveness.


TrafficStars caters to advertisers targeting a global audience, with top-performing GEOs including:

  1. India - 1 Billion
  2. United States 245M
  3. Germany 133M
  4. France 80M
  5. United Kingdom 69M
  6. Italy 56M
  7. China 51M
  8. Spain 43M
  9. Japan 41M
  10. Brazil 37M

📊 Daily impression count is shown.

Benefits of Native Ads in TrafficStars

Budget-Friendly Advertising with CPMv

Under this model you pay per thousand impressions in the visible area of the screen. This strategy allows you to pay for ad impressions only if 30% of the ad is displayed on the user's screen for at least one second.

Number of Thumbnails

With this feature, you have the flexibility to choose how many creatives from your campaign appear on a Native ad spot simultaneously. Easily adjust this setting in the Ads section during campaign creation to optimize your ad placement.

Dynamic type

Utilize the Dynamic Type feature to incorporate live-streaming capabilities within your Native ads, creating an engaging experience akin to Video Native ads.

Traffic Volume

Gain access to a vast traffic volume worldwide, with over 2 billion impressions delivered daily for the Native ad format. Reach your target audience effectively and efficiently across diverse regions and demographics.

Auto-Translation From English

Seamlessly translate your Native advertising texts from English into 20 different languages. Our recent statistics reveal that advertisers leveraging this feature experienced significantly higher click-through rates at a reduced cost. On average, the CTR increased by 18%, while the eCPC decreased by 15%, demonstrating the effectiveness of multilingual ad campaigns in reaching a broader audience.

Wide targeting options

TrafficStars' native ad platform boasts powerful targeting capabilities. You can tailor your campaigns to reach specific categories, locations, and retarget users who clicked on your ad. This laser-focused approach ensures your message reaches the most relevant audience, maximizing the potential for conversions.  By placing your ad in front of users who are genuinely interested in what you offer, you're more likely to drive sales and brand awareness.


In conclusion, leveraging Native advertising on TrafficStars presents advertisers with a powerful tool to effectively connect with their target audience, drive engagement, and achieve their marketing objectives. By incorporating effective strategies and creative executions, Native advertising examples demonstrate the potential to yield remarkable outcomes while harmonizing with the user experience.

Sign up and launch ads with TrafficStars, a leading Native Ads platform trusted by advertisers worldwide for its advanced targeting options, seamless integration capabilities, and extensive reach across premium publisher websites.