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For affiliate marketers venturing into the realm of Nutra products, prioritizing the Nutra vertical is key to elevating your advertising endeavors. Renowned as one of the top-selling verticals, it secures a coveted position in the TOP-3 most popular verticals on TrafficStars. This comprehensive guide explores the nuances of Nutra affiliate marketing strategies, offering insights into what Nutra entails, the diverse types of Nutra affiliate programs available, its inherent profitability, preferred ad formats, and indispensable tips on optimizing your approach. If you're delving into promoting nutraceutical products as an affiliate, consider this your go-to guide to affiliate marketing in the nutra industry. Let's dive in and amplify your success!

What is Nutra?

Nutra (short for nutraceuticals) is a highly profitable and popular advertising vertical that numerous affiliate marketers make use of. It promotes health and beauty products but is more accurately described as a concentrated or extracted food type that also carries health perks. They come in numerous forms such as powders, bars, pills, shakes, and even drinks, and are good supplements for endeavors like:

Disease prevention 💊

Vitamins, supplements, brain performance, joint health, and the like.

Male enhancement 🍌

Euphemisms are nifty, aren’t they? Just kidding (sort of). This applies to male libido-boosting remedies and penis enlargements creams.

Weight loss 🥑

Fat-burning, diet and food supplements.

Beauty products 👩

Wrinkle, breast enhanecement creams, moisturizing skincares, collagen supplements, teeth whitening, hair loss drops, and everything that makes us look better.

Sport 💪

Protein powders, testosterone boosters, back pain relief and workout aid.

It’s easy to understand why this particular vertical is so prominent. Health products of this kind will always be needed/wanted, and as such there is a viable and booming market to support them. This is especially true when new products go on the market. People will never lose their burning desire to be stronger, more attractive to other sexes, and healthier. In a manner, nutraceuticals provide a “boost” towards these innate goals that so many strive for. Therefore, if you get your ad creatives in the right place you are bound to encourage some converts.

It’s worth noting that if you have products to advertise in the Men’s Health and Weight Loss niches, you should consider using TrafficStars as your traffic source.

Payout Models for Nutra Offers

That’s the booming industry vertical refined, so what about the offers? For the Nutra vertical, the following offers are the most functional and have yielded great results for countless companies.

Straight Sale Model (SS)

Also called Direct Sale (DS), this model is common and works well with well-known marketplaces such as Amazon. It requires the user to pay the full price of the product in question through a familiar market. It’s good for affiliates, as it completes the process in one, fell swoop, and payment is made.

On the flip side, the potential to make money is significantly lower than with other offers. This is because users are generally unlikely to make a purchase straight away. Flip it over again and the coin is pretty shiny - payouts are earned and received by the affiliates faster than with other payment mediums. The system immediately identifies your conversions, which goes a long way when it comes to the management of your campaigns.

Cash on Delivery (COD)

This is the most common model for affiliates. The COD model generates payments when the product is delivered safely to the user’s property. There is a very positive contrast to the SS model here because it makes users feel safe and secure about the products they are purchasing. Elderly people (or people in general) may not trust the online payment system and may feel reassured by this. On the other hand, users are often likely to change their minds about products bought online. It happens all the time, and they can do it any moment from the purchase to the delivery. For that reason, affiliate marketers are not guaranteed payment from a convert.


This one is pretty self-explanatory. An affiliate marketer advertises free trial periods to users, including free products. If the users dig what they get and want to continue their subscription, they do. Then the payment kicks in, in most cases after a week or two. Obviously, this involves giving free products away which costs an investment, but it’s also a good faith basis to your potential customers.

But hold your horses, it’s not quite that simple. The trial products can only be forwarded to the users once those users have been verified. This entails them filling out their names, addresses, and billing information which must subsequently be confirmed. Then boom, you’ve generated a lead. Many users might be put off by the need to give out their personal details. Overall, trials are hit or miss. Whether you go with it depends on whether you can take the hit of the initial “free stuff” investment.

How Much Can I Make Promoting Nutra Offers?

Curious about earning commissions with Nutra products? The potential income hinges on the Tier you're targeting. In Tier-3 countries, expect around $8 in payouts, while Tier-1 offers over $25. Keep in mind that the traffic cost aligns with these figures. Surprisingly, even as a novice, it's plausible to exceed $1k monthly in the Nutra vertical. If this seems ambitious, let us share a real success story. One of our clients raked in $8,005 by strategically utilizing Display Ads in Malaysia. The secret? Choosing the right offer. In this case, the client opted for the renowned AdCombo offer, Hammer of Thor, crafted over 20 tailored creatives for each campaign, and meticulously tested the process. The results? Undeniably exciting. Learn the art of maximizing earnings as a Nutra affiliate—it's all about strategic choices and meticulous testing!

Top Performing Ad Formats for Promoting Nutra Offers

Native Ads

Native ads are great if you want to promote your creatives without being intrusive, as they masquerade as part of the website or platform’s editorial content. In essence, you can bypass the usual marketing tactics with native ads, which is particularly useful in the Nutra niche as it is easy to make these ads look gaudy and obvious. Native ads are an effective way around this.



  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • United States
  • Italy
  • Canada


Banner ads, which are placed prominently on websites and platforms with high traffic, are another great way to advertise Nutra products. Banner ads are usually colorful, and welcoming, with the intention of driving users to your site. With Nutra products, this is particularly useful as websites in certain niches will allow you to cast your banner ad creatives in Nutra affiliate-friendly sites. Dig up some research to find the best ones!

The good old way to grab the attention of users is to place an intriguing or shocking creative.

Nutra banner parasite.png

Even in a small space, you can place enough information if you make the banner animated.


We have 6 banner sizes in total, but these 2 are the most popular:

TOP-5 GEOs (300x100)

  • India
  • United States
  • Bangladesh
  • Malaysia
  • Canada

TOP-5 GEOs (300x250)

  • India
  • United States
  • Bangladesh
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka


A popunder, which is triggered on a webpage by a user and remains hidden behind the primary browser window or in a fresh tab, is a great way to capture the attention of users if it appears as a result of the user’s interests. For this format, affiliates should use pre-landers to increase the interest of potential users in the endorsed product. Many affiliate networks have ready-made pre-landing pages to do this and you can run an A/B test to discover the best ones.

How to increase your landing page conversion rate?

Testimonials 💭

Including feedback from satisfied customers can be an efficient way to build trust with your audience.

Video review 🎞️

Consider including a video on your landing page to showcase your product and explain its benefits.


By adding a FAQ section, you will dispel customer doubts and increase their trust in the product.

Sense of urgency

It's an additional way to increase conversion rate. Consider using limited-time offers or countdown timers to encourage customers to take action.

Expert opinion 👩‍⚕️

Including an endorsement from a doctor or other medical professional can help to establish your product as a trustworthy and effective solution.

Before and after images 👭

Demonstrate the transformative effects of your product. Consider including them on your landing page to help showcase your product's benefits.



  • United States
  • India
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Great Britain


Push ads come in two forms, and both can be used for optimal Nutra-based conversions. Classic and In-Page. Classic push notifications are disseminated through desktop, mobile, and tablet users, but only if they have subscribed to a publisher’s website. Due to this, certain Nutra products thrive in this medium. It can be argued that trial products are effective here, as with classic push the user is already interested in a particular website’s content, to begin with.

Then there are in-page push ads that operate on all browsers and platforms including iOS. Fundamentally, this ad format is designed for our best verticals, Nutra included.

Here are some examples of Push ads taken from a spy tool.



  • United States
  • South Korea
  • Great Britain
  • India
  • Canada

Targeting and Optimization Tips

Once you have chosen your ad formats, your next move should be to target and optimize your campaign. There are many elements to consider for this. A concentrated focus, deep and data-driven understanding of your target audience as well as goals and competitor observation will set you up for the best results possible. Bear in mind that with TrafficStars there are a number of precise targeting factors including their location, device, OS, browser, and language. Which you can use to pinpoint your campaign with expert accuracy.

Location Targeting

Aside from country, you can zero in on specific regions. It’s important to stay attuned to which regions have the most delivery, as some have none.


Time Scheduling

Another factor to be aware of is scheduling. Certain regions will be busy at particular times and not so much at others, and it’s important to target them when they are most likely to view your ad creatives. The TrafficStars database allows you to track working hours through a user-friendly interface where you can pick specific locations or all regions to monitor:


Correct Bidding

One of the most effective advertising strategies is the bidding system, and it’s important to pick the best one for the job. With TrafficStars the recommended bidding for a Cost per Mille (CPM) is $0.016, and it’s important to select this particular bidding for Nutra, as it is the most likely to yield results. That said, each campaign has to be crafted individually, pending what its targeting is, as well as its competition.

Recommended bidding model CPM CPC CPA price.png


TrafficStars has an in-built optimizer that blacklists underperforming traffic sources and adjusts the bids according to the rules that you set. This not only saves time but analyzes each and every ad spot on its own merits, optimizing your creatives accordingly. What’s more, the setup process is simple and user-friendly. All you have to do is create an account and then go through the simple process to activate it. Then voila, you have an optimizer working solely for you, automatically.

Ask For a Bump

Actually, this advice does not fall into this category, but it can greatly increase your investment. If your campaign shows significant volumes you can negotiate with your account manager of the affiliate network about higher payouts. So once it’s all up and running and yielding solid results you can get in touch and ask for a bump in your payouts. Profits, profits - cha-ching! 🤑


Take all of this into consideration and you will have a number of tools perfect to start your Nutra-based advertising campaigns. Plus, if you pick TrafficStars as your affiliate program you can implement your creatives into ready-made ad formats that are specifically designed for this vertical (amongst others).

As always, pinpointed research is the key here. Find out where your ideal customers are and then use this thorough investigation to target them with your creatives. Also, don’t forget about GEO-targeting as well, as there are a number of locations where Nutra products just perform better than others.

If you want further expert tips on affiliate marketing, consult the TrafficStars team. With insightful analytics and a user-friendly system, you can create, you can track, and optimize your endeavors efficiently and professionally, regardless of your vertical.

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